Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Divergent Premiere Party Ideas - WINE LABELS

There isn't much drinking in Divergent. Other than that angsty scene when Tris gets her tattoos and runs into an intoxicated(ing) Four on the street.

"I'd ask you to hang out with us, but you're not supposed to see me this way."I am tempted to ask him why he wants me to hang out with him, but I suspect the answer has something to do with the bottle in his hand.
"What way?" I ask. "Drunk?"
"Yeah...well, no." His voice softens. "Real, I guess."
"I'll pretend I didn't."
"Nice of you." He puts his lips next to my ear and says, "You look good, Tris."
His words surprise me, and my heart leaps. I wish it didn't, because judging by the way his eyes slide over mine, he has no idea what he's saying. I laugh. "Do me a favor and stay away from the chasm, okay?"
"Of course." He winks as me.
Le sigh. What was I talking about?

Oh yes. Other than that little page of fun (that so help me, better be in the movie) there isn't much drinking in Divergent. But what is a fangirl party without wine, right? So I made some wine labels to affix to red & white bottles. 

A huge part of what I enjoyed about the Divergent books was all the Chicago references. My sister lives in the city and I love to visit. I always call Chicago my "heart away from home." I've climbed onto the Navy Pier ferris wheel, stood at the top of the Hancock Tower, walked down Wacker Drive, been inside "The Hub."  As Roth described the different faction (and factionless) locations, she really captured the feel of Chicago's neighborhoods - which is what I attempted to honor with these labels. I love how they turned out. 

The movie is so freaking close.
After 3 years of waiting...I can't even stand it.
I guess it's a good thing I have my craziness to keep me distracted.
I'll get back to posting about my adorable children and fabulous husband after the 21st, okay? 

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My Divergent Wine Labels are available for purchase as a printable download (along with several other Divergent Party designs) in my SHOP.

And you can search DIVERGENT on the blog for all my other Premiere Party Idea posts!

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{cuppakim} said...

i need to do something i never do, and re-read this. just for that scene alone.

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