Monday, March 10, 2014

Divergent Premiere Party Ideas - ERUDITE

I'm pretty sure I'm half Erudite.
(Me and my tattoos will let you guess what my other half is.)
I love to learn. And read. And write.
To me, dissecting poetry is equivalent to riding Space Mountain.
For fox sake. I eagerly wrote other people's essays in high school. For money.
I read like a fiend and happily spend a fool's fortune on books.
Those are my IRL glasses right down there in that pic.
Let's be real...
I'm pretty sure I'm more than half Erudite. 

 So it's been fun (and easy) coming up with Erudite ideas for my Divergent Premiere Party. I will have to admit that when I found these Hipster Glasses straw clips at Michael's in the 99 cent bins...I literally squealed out loud and almost died of a nerd heart attack. 

Once I saw them...everything else just started falling into place. I knew I needed blue striped straws to attach them to. And I knew I was going to need to come up with a yummy blue drink.

I decided to pair the striped straws with milk bottles that I wrapped with book pages. Since taking these pictures...I've bought a cheap dictionary, and for the party, I'm going to wrap the milk bottles with strips from the E pages of the dictionary. I've modge podged the that the cold drink condensation doesn't seep through, like you see in the picture above.
(Live and learn! Me and my issues.)

I've also decided since taking these pictures...that the strip of book page/dictionary would be best finished off with a blue wax seal with an E pressed into it...don't you think? If I have my way, and everything gets done the way I see it in my head...that is so happening.

I have accumulated the milk bottles I use for my parties over time. They are really just recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. But if you don't have the time/desire to drink a gazillion frappuccinos just to recycle the bottles, well then you can buy cute milk bottles HERE.

The Erudite Nerd print was made by printing out an image I found on the Divergent Faction Tumblr and modge podging it onto an 8X10  canvas. You can find all five faction images on my Four+Tris pinboard. They were designed by LemadiJane. Her fangirl graphics are amazing.

Lucky for me, my baby brother is a bartender at a chichi place on the I hit him up for a smarty pants blue drink. I have no idea what this one is really called...but it's TASTY! And I pretty much love the name I gave it, so there. 

If you're so chichi you have a bartender at your party...
then tell him to shake everything up in a martini shaker and strain it into a glass. (Or glass milk bottle!
But if you're loud & crazy, fly by the seat of your pants, want to enjoy the party more than you want to play hostess like me...
Then just make a huge pitcher of the stuff...paying close attention to ratios, of course.
(Use the Erudite in you to figure that ish out.)
And set it out with other BLUE bites and be happy.
That is what will be happening at my party. 

PS - Blueberry ice cubes are nothing more than blueberries.
frozen. in ice cubes.

For decorations/food/sweets I'm planning on

3 berry baskets full of macrons resting on beds of lavender
4 blueberry macrons from BabyBoyBakery
(melt in your mouth...Jacquie is a bakery fairy, I swear.)
5 blue on bleu with crackers

The Erudite faction area will be decorated with a blue tablecloth, lots of books, maybe a dictionary or some encyclopedias, a globe, reading glasses...and definitely a glass bowl with blue water. I'm planning to spell out some words with Scrabble tiles too.

There is a HUGE part of me that wants to give one of THESE to everyone at the party. Maybe I can make a paper version of my own...we'll see. We'll see.

Also? Did you see Shai covering THR this month?
So help me. I want to chop my hair.

This girl is on her game. I LOVED her in The Spectacular Now...but she's looking better than ever right now. I almost can't even think about TFiOS...My heart is NEVER ever ever going to be ready for that movie. June 6th go away. And hurry up. 

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