Wednesday, November 05, 2014

HBD to my BFF

35 Perks to Finding Your Best Friend Forever
(as told through texts and pics shared between me and mine)

1. You ALWAYS have someone to take selfies with. 

2. A Best Friend Forever is always there for you when you're feeling down.

3. You have someone to share all of life's greatest moments with.

4. Your Best Friend Forever shares your interests so you can freely do whatever you want without compromising (or apologizing!)

5. Having a Best Friend Forever means that every year, someone is extremely happy that you were born. And vice versa!

6. You don't have to look nice for your Best Friend Forever. They've seen you at your worst and still flove you more than anything. 

7. Your Best Friend Forever always guarantees you have at least one like.

8. You have someone to lay around and do nothing with (with your feet in the air!) And still have the best time of your life. 

9. A Best Friend Forever is a partner in crime. "Breakers gonna break, break, break, break...into Gates, gates, gates, gates." 

10. Your Best Friend Forever is the only person you don't have to explain your costume to. 

11. You always have someone to cheer you up...and keep you from prematurely aging! 

12. Your Best Friend Forever always knows what to get you, even without having to ask what you want. 

13. You don't even have to use words anymore, because your Best Friend Forever understands you just by looking at your face. 

14. But when you do use words, they are an intricately made up dialect of gibberish that nobody else understands.

15. Your Best Friend Forever is your automatic travel buddy. And they share your need to capture the skyline EVERYTIME you visit. 

16. You can, without fail, always make each other laugh.

17. When you have a Best Friend Forever you get to celebrate weird traditions, like Friendiversaries!

18. Your Best Friend Forever understands your Girl Crush. 

19. You always have a personal photographer on hand for those times you're fangirling so hard you can't function.

20. Your Best Friend Forever obliges you in superfluous shopping trips and doesn't even have to ask what's in your mind's eye when you stop and stare and sigh at every. single. dress.

21. Your Best Friend Forever is willing to eat with you, at ANY time. And understands that the restaurants you visit are so much more than just the food. 

22. Coincidentally - you always have an open invitation to, at ANY time, eat off each's other's plates.

23. A Best Friend Forever is someone who ALWAYS understands your literary issues with fictional characters. 

24. And your Best Friend Forever shares your need to process (at all hours of the day and night!) your thoughts and feels about plots and twists!

24. Despite how busy you two become, you and your Best Friend Forever always make the time and effort to see each other, and it's so WORTH it!

25. And you two have just as much fun staying IN as you do going OUT.

26. Speaking of which, you never have to fight over which flavor of ice cream to buy for a night in with your Best Friend Forever.

27. You always have someone who's ready to go to bat (or face punches!) for you.

28. A Best Friend Forever ignores your middle of the night, drunk, music lyric texts.

29. With a Best Friend Forever, you're finally able to fulfill that lifelong fantasy of having a twin and dressing the same. 

30. You indulge in all of your guilty pleasures together...and even occasionally suck your significant others into your uncoolness.

31. With a Best Friend Forever, you have someone who's voice is just as loud as yours at all those concerts!

32. Your Best Friend Forever hates all the same people you do, no questions asked.

33. Your Snapchats reaffirm your dual superb fashion sense.

34. A Best Friend Forever is a hand to hold for when the movie gets too scary, or the song lyrics get too sad, or the book author KILLS OFF THE HEROINE.

35. And finally...the very best perk about finding your Best Friend Forever, is that you have someone in your life that gets IT. Even when you're not sure what that means. You don't have to explain IT or worry if they'll understand IT. They just do. You have someone who makes you feel less alone in this psycho world. When you look at them, you get a burst of reassurance that you're not the only one. You might be standing on the corner of Bliss and Crazy...but your Best Friend Forever is right there with you. 

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”

Happy 35th Birthday, My Rachel. May we continue to burn, burn, burn for many more years to come. All the crazy flove in my heart is yours,
times 17! ~Erin


Haley Viefhaus-Karayiannis said...


Rachel said...

I alternated between busting out laughing and crying crocodile tears while reading this!! You are my person. Period. The end. I love doing life with you and DUDE, is my life infinitely better with you in it!! Thank you for your love, support, words of advice, and listening ear. Thank you for the memories made these past two years! Cheers to selfies and shenanigans and texts about smutty books fifty-two years from now! xoxo

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