Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As I look back on 2014, I must admit I am happy to see it go. Every year has it's ups and downs, but this year had some real sucker punches. I can't be too upset about it however, because I find myself at a strange new place here on December 31st. It is one of hope and energy and optimism.

Tonight at midnight, I will look back on this year and...

I will kiss a wonderful boy who thinks I am wonderful too.
We will tuck three healthy, beautiful children into bed.
I will have read 106 books.
Several of them, really good ones.
I will have stolen a few naps,
drank plenty good wine,
laughed really hard, 
and sang a little too loud.
I will have a handful of memories I will never forget.
I will try to count my blessings
and my friends...
and I wont be able to count that high.

Life isn't perfect. There are still struggles and fears and unknowns. There is still pain and grief and anger. But life sure as heck isn't crap either. Those sucker punches that happened this past year...I am thankful for them. Because they have brought me to today. And I wouldn't want to be anyplace else. 

There is a pure and simple magic in beginnings, isn't there?
I am excited for tomorrow.


Kelli Davis said...

I'm also excited for tomorrow! Love your heart :)

Polkadotmoon said...

Feel blessed to know such an amazing lady and her awesome family!! Cheers to 2015! xo

Haley Viefhaus-Karayiannis said...

It takes one hell of a woman and one hell of a man to create children like yours. You are two amazing parents and I want to be more like you EVERY day :) Happy New Year Erin!!!!!

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