Friday, January 02, 2015


Get more sleep...Eat out less...Save more money...Weigh less pounds...Drink more water...Drink less booze...Travel more places...Watch less TV...Learn something new...
Be Beyonce

Do you make New Year's resolutions?
If you do, do you follow through?
There have been years that I have. And there have been years that I haven't.
I love the fresh start January brings. The energy that accompanies the essential "clean slate" of starting anew.

But, I know myself.

I know I have an inbox that is never empty and a To Do list that is constantly shuffled from one week to the next.
I know I put garlic bread in the oven, and forget about it every. single. time.
I know that I tend to say yes more than I say no and have a slew of commitments already on the calendar.
I know there is always dirty dishes in the sink, wet laundry in the washer and recyclables that need to be recycled.
I know I often forget when school projects are due until my children remind me, "It's tomorrow!"
I know I sometimes deliver lunches to their classrooms, not because I'm taking special care, but because I didn't have them packed by 8AM.
I know I have three cases of Diet Coke on hand, but am constantly out of milk.  
I know we have practices this week, and dance, and two playdates. But I forget what time they start (or end) and if I am driving to or picking up.
I know.
I know.
I know.

As I get older, I find myself wanting to streamline everything. Simplify the superfluous and magnify the meaningful. I find myself needing to focus less on adding to my list and focus more on what is already on my plate.
And figuratively. 

With that mindset, coming up with personal resolutions for the New Year seems counterproductive. Making a list of proverbial "To Dos" won't inspire me. It will quagmire me.

So in 2015 I am resolving to make no resolutions,
Save one.
(I know that is a total contradiction in terms, but go with me here....)

Of course I have goals for myself.
But in my heart, I know, that if I just focus on building a beautiful life...
Those goals will be achieved.

Today, making everything around me beautiful might be teaching the girls a new recipe or planting new hydrangeas out front or wearing a that bright shirt that's been hanging in my closet untouched.

Tomorrow, making everything around me beautiful could include forgoing a Diet Coke for a glass of water or running a mile before watching TV or going to bed early with a book so good I stay up all night anyway!

In a week, making everything around me beautiful might be setting the table with the good china for no reason at all or singing extra loud in church or painting the living room walls something other than BROWN...(because I've been wanting to do that since last January first!)

In the Summer, making everything around me beautiful will definitely be eating red, ripe, homegrown tomatoes and roof jumping into the pool with my kids and playing "I Spy" in the car while on long road trips with the windows down.

I don't know exactly what each day's accomplishments will be. I don't want to have a list that I feel the need to check and "complete." I just know, next New Year, I want to look back on 2015 and be satisfied that I didn't get lost in the errands and meetings and chores. I want to look back and be content that I spent my days in ways that brought color and love and adventure and grace into FOCUS. I want to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life.

(This was my first go at watercolors...I played around yesterday and painted a few different ones. "Writing" with a brush is waaaaay harder than I expected! Next I think I will buy some white, or maybe gold, calligraphy ink, and try writing over the watercolors with that...)


melisa said...

Flove this! Flove you! 2015 is your year my friend! Thank you for making my life beautiful just by being you.

Haley Viefhaus-Karayiannis said...

WHAT???? You painted that? Where's my copy?? I need some beautiful in my life...and that's YOU :)

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