Wednesday, December 30, 2015

26 Books in 2016

The New Year is upon us and that means a NEW READING CHALLENGE!! I am so honored and flattered and EXCITED by the number of you who joined in 2015's challenge. Fellow book lovers from all over - The US, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Great Britain, and more. It has been a true joy to see everyone's posts and so much fun finding new titles to read. I am looking forward to a second year of this challenge. To new reads, new friends, new adventures! 

I hope you enjoy the prompts I have chosen for 2016. Just like last year, I worked to choose ones that will work for anyone, no matter what genre you like to read. And I chose 26 for the year estimating I'll check one prompt off the list about every two weeks. As people join the challenge and post their pics, it will hopefully spark lots of conversation and lead to many new book recommendations for all of us!

I LOVED looking at the #26BOOKSwithBringingUpBurns hashtag on Instagram last year! There are literally THOUSANDS of posts. I loved seeing the books that popped up frequently (reading trends across the world) as well as spying a new title I had never heard of before. I also loved jumping around each of your posts, reading your reviews and short synopses!  (Remember, if you don't have IG - you can always post your book choice on the Bringing Up Burns Facebook page, too) 

I have made a few changes from last year. First, I decided not to number the prompts - so no one feels the need to go in order (HELLO - OCD ME!) And I added one free "SWAP OUT" - if you find that one of the 26 prompts is something you aren't able to (or just don't want to) complete, then SWAP it out!

Finally, I just want to reiterate, this challenge is supposed to be FUN! As the 2015 Challenge wraps up, I've seen several comments from people saying they've "FAILED" this year - and I just have to say, I ADAMANTLY DISAGREE! The main goal is to get you reading more as well as maybe add few books to your repertoire outside your usual genre. So as long as you picked up more books than last year - or even just one book out of your comfort zone, then I say the challenge was a SUCCESS for you! Going into 2016 - even if you don't think 26 books is a manageable number for you to complete...or even if some of the prompts don't interest you - give it a go! Once you get started, you might surprise yourself! No amount of reading is ever a FAILURE in my book.

OK - HERE are 2016's prompts!! 

I am so excited to see what you are reading, and what prompts people start with! If you are on Instagram - follow me @bringingupburns and check the‪#‎26BOOKSwithBringingUpBurns‬ hashtag often! There are thousands of posts! Please feel free to share with your friends and repost. And if you blog about your reads, please come back and comment with the link so I can come read! xoxo, Erin


TrayceeBee said...

I love that you are doing this for 2016! I was late to the party this year (since I found your blog on the later side of 2015). I think the prompts you decided upon for the upcoming year are great!

Vivienne Galasso-Alexander said...

I'm so excited to see the 2016 version!! I read so much more in 2015, in part due to the challenge. Thanks so much!

E said...

We took part last year and did complete the whole 26 books - but we didn't post any of them! So, this year we are doing 26 books for 2015 - does that make sense? The prompts look great for 2016; maybe I could do both, as I've already written all the reviews for last year's... Let's see!

Keira Owens said...

I posted about this on my IG (I'm LadyTimeoin over there). I'm super excited and joined 3 of our local council libraries!
At the moment I am reading for uni/work (I'm an IT student) but I can't wait to get some fiction back into my life. And, dip my toes into book reviews.
LadyTimeoin and the Nerdlings

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