Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Molly's Boho Chic 10th Birthday

I really had fun planning this party. Molly helped me with a lot of it and once it all came together it was perfect for our little free spirit! 
I FLOVE this kid. 

I made the invitations and we hand delivered them to her friends. 

The week of her party we happened to be getting our backyard fence replaced. (It had blown over in a storm!) So I saved a few pieces knowing I wanted to paint something to go by our front door. 

I also lined our front walkway with some whimsical, birch pole candle luminarias. 

Once you came inside, many fun "boho" elements greeted the girls!

The dining room table was set for dinner. I shared my vision with my friend Courtney, of 5 Wildflowers, and she outdid herself with the centerpiece!

For dinner, I made all of Molly's favorite things. She is my "foodie" and I wasn't sure how well received her menu would be by her friends, but surprisingly, they ate it all quite well! Sophisticated palates on these girls...

After dinner, it was time to make Dream Catchers!

Next we opened presents and had cake! I always make the kid's birthday cakes. I like doing it. This one ended up being one of my all time favorites of all the cakes I have made. 

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