Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thru Their Eyes

Well, the Burns girls are home alone this weekend...Daddy's in Vegas for his friend Jud's bachelor party. We've had fun painting our toes, putting on make-up and all three sleeping in Mommy's bed! My girlfriend and sorority sister from Pepperdine, Jenna, came down and spent the night on Friday. So much fun for me and the girls really enjoy showing off. We went to America's Cup frozen yogurt, where you get to make your own, and I think Megan thought she had died and gone to heaven. She had animal cookies, rainbow sprinkles, M&M's and sour gummy worms all in the same bowl. Afterwards, the girls were so sticky that when we got home, they stripped naked and payed in the kiddy pool. Jenna and I commented on how simple and happy life seemed to them. It's my goal to try and look at each day ahead with the carefree spirit of my girls.

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