Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our little Angel

Today was Pajama Day at Megan's preschool. She wore her Snow White jammies and got to eat pancakes with syrup for snack. She made a Fruit Loop necklace and squeezed fresh OJ. She told me that storytime was about a Llama in red pajamas that wanted his mama...too funny. She is loving school. Every morning she asks me if she gets to see Miss Barbara today. It makes me so happy to see her running around laughing and playing when I pick her up. Her new favorite song to sing is "Go Now in Peace" - and to do the hand motions they learned last week in Chapel. On Monday she came home with an angel card. Her teacher had written on it "Megan helped another child find his lost toy. She is very caring of other children's feelings." I think I will save it forever.

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