Friday, May 04, 2007

What a Wonderful World

The last few days I have been aware of how much I have to be thankful for. I am so happy and content lately. I think it started the other day when I was in the living room, online paying bills, and I could hear Megan and Molly in their room playing. They were having so much fun together and being so sweet to each other. They played for over an hour without a bicker between them. Then the three of us had a picnic outside in the sun and Megan and Molly noticed how tall the sunflowers, they planted from seeds, were getting. And I noticed how all my other flowers are so pretty right now. We read some books and then all of us took a 2 hour nap! I woke up a little before them and thought, "What a perfect day!"
I am so blessed to be able to stay home with these little jewels everyday. It truly is so special to be a part of all the fun, cute, silly things they do. Daily they amaze, humor and fascinate me. Sometimes I can get lost in wanting things - a house, a fancy vacation, a new plasma TV, trendy clothes, a MAID!! But then I think having those things would mean going to work and I realize, I really don't want those things. While they would be nice to have, I already have everything I want.

I love that I take and pick Megan up from school. It may seem like a little thing - but seeing her excited to go and content to be by herself in the morning and then seeing the smile on her face and being the one who gets that hug as she runs out her classroom door in the afternoon, makes my day every time.
I love lunch time. It's usually PB&J or noodles with cheese - but it's us around the table, talking and being together and usually ends with Molly doing some silly trick with her food.
I love the lazy mornings where we're still in our PJ's at 9AM - so we all take a shower together and then play beauty parlor doing hair and painting our fingers and toes.
I love being the first one to hear Molly's new words (or sentences as they are fast becoming) Recent favorites include: "Five more mimets (minutes) Mom, okay?" and "No let MeMe get this!"
I love to hear Megan sing along with me to What a Wonderful World - knowing she has learned the words because I sing that song everyday before nap time.
I love our mundane afternoon routine - snack time, getting the mail, watering the flowers, throwing the ball for Duke, and rotating the laundry (Molly helps push the wet clothes into the dryer and puts the Bounce sheet in).

Realizing I would miss all these things if I went to work, makes me so thankful for my husband. He works so hard to provide for us. It's never been a question for us - staying home with our kids is more important than any other "thing" we could want. And after his long day at work, Matt still makes me feel beautiful, important and appreciated. He never acts like "staying home" isn't work for me, and he pitches in wherever it's needed around the house. I love our friendship and that at the end of the day, we always have our talks in bed (or more often, as we fall asleep on the couch!)

And finally - feeling this little one move inside me is so exciting. I am so ready for another baby - how it will smell, sound, feel, look. And seeing my girls be such good friends, I literally can't wait to have another child and introduce them into our family. I look forward to the loud, crazy, fun (sleepless!) times ahead so much, that I think I might be a little crazy. I'm excited to experience the dynamic of a big family - the bond the 5 of us will have together - as well as the bond our kids will have with one another. They wont lack for peers, or companionship, even if they never leave the house! And while they may get tired of each other, they'll learn how to stick out relationships and forgive. I'd love for my children to each experience having a brother and a sister, like I grew up with - but that would mean having more kids and ensuring one or more of them is a boy! While I'm not entirely oppossed to the idea, it's a whole different blog I'll save for later. :)

I look at the little things that make me smile each day, and get out my camera and BLOG - and I think, "There is still so much ahead, so much for us to do, grow, experience. What is it going to be tomorrow, this weekend, next year, in 10 years??" All I can pray for is that everyday is as good and blessed as right now and that I am here to see it all.

Update: the same night I posted this entry, Tonya posted a similar one. Read her take on it all....I love it!


Tonya said...

hi erin...I am a friend of Britain's & navigated to your page...your days sound exactly like mine down to the Downey sheet in the dryer! I agree wholeheartedly that it is a blessing (sometimes very hard but a blessing) to be with our kids at home. We just moved out to Riverside County (missing anaheim hills) so I can still be at home & it is something I wouldn't trade for anything...anything!


~love said...

hi! i linked to your blog from tonya's and really enjoyed this i feel the same way! with a 3 yr old, 2 yr old and 5 month old little girls i'm blessed beyond belief. i'm sooo thankful to be home with them!

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