Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quick Updates

We went to do the birds with Daddy again yesterday and counted 106 bunny rabbits! Yes...ONE HUNDRED AND SIX!

I had my OB appt last week - have only gained 5 lbs so far and again, Dr. Deyan said the heartbeat sounds like a boy. "Big" Ultrasound to confirm is scheduled for next Monday, May 14th.

Megan was share girl on Monday at preschool and Mommy let her wear her blue dress!! Click here to see why this is such a big deal!

While driving in the car yesterday, Megan informed us that when she's 16, she wants to have a Wendy Party (very into Peter Pan as of late) and a "mini car" like Papa Don (as in Mini Cooper) but only her's is to be "HOT PINK! - not light pink, pink!" Guess that rules out the Model T.

And in response to Joanna's comment, here's a video of Molly's attempt at the ABC's. You have to listen to Megan in fast forward first - and deal with my braindead manuever of taking the video sideways....but it's still cute!


Joanna said...

Omigosh, that was funny. If only it was right side up!

britty said...

erin, your girls are so cute. i can't wait to find out what number 3 is. i thought i heard it was a boy...maybe a premonition? either way, how exciting!!!

Andy said...

Molly bear rocks!

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