Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby Burns

Today was my "BIG" ultrasound....and it was very exciting. We officially have a BOY coming to the Burns family sometime in September! He is measuring about two weeks bigger than I had either I am further along than I expected, or he's just a big boy. I would love to have him come a little earlier and Matt would love for him to be either is fine with us. We got to see the four chambers of his heart beating away, his cerebrum, spine, kidneys, rib cage, hands, lips, nose, fingers, feet, toes and of course....the penis. :) I absolutely love his little profile (which I happen to think looks like Molly) And am continually blown away that there's a whole little person in there growing away. Hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did!


Family Jewels


brooke said...

we are so happy for you!

britty said...

yay! congratulations!

Joanna said...


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