Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby Sprinkle

My girlfriend Aleece is due with her first daughter two weeks before me. She has a son, Dax, who is a couple months younger than Molly. So on Saturday, some of our girlfriends threw us "Baby Sprinkle." I hadn't heard this term before and actually Googled it to find out more, when my friend Allison told me "We want to host a little Sprinkle for you!" What I found is that a Baby Sprinkle refers to a small-scale baby shower, generally for subsequent children, when the parents don't need as many items. I love it - so cute. Sprinkle instead of a Shower.

The hostesses - Sara, Allison, Courtney and Jenny - truly outdid themselves! I am overwhelmed with the love and friendship that I am blessed with. As well as the generosity of my girlfriends - even this THIRD time around. Everything about the party was beautiful and thoughtfully planned. I'd never been to a baby shower before that was for a boy and a girl. I loved how they carried out the pink and blue theme. Especially the tables in the backyard the the paper lanterns in the trees. It was so fun - this being the first daughter for Aleece and first son for me. We were both given gift cards so that we could buy the things we need most. As well as some adorable clothes and handmade gifts.

I made a quilt and some burp cloths for Aleece that turned out really cute. It was fun to pick a really girly print - knowing she's had all reds and blues, trains and trucks in the past. I was inspired by Tonya's French Lemonade post! I am loving pink and turquoise right now too! Thanks, Tonya!!

Also, I must give props to my girlfriend Joanna who made Wyatt a stunning quilt. She new I am planning a beachy theme for his bedding and took that into consideration. She also knows I love whimsical, retro looking prints. This quilt is to die for. I love it! You must also know that Joanna just started sewing! She just bought a machine and has been teaching herself. The quilt is too good for a beginner. She truly has a knack for it. To top it all off - she also hand appliqued a onesie to match the quilt and wrapped the whole gift in a blue and orange sand bucket. Too cute. I am so proud of her :) She made an adorable quilt for Aleece too that was all about pink bicycles (Which she wrapped in a little pink and white basket - the kind you'd see on the front of a girls bike!)Click here to see more pictures of the quilts on her blog.


Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, I'm blushing! Thanks for the shout-out, although I'm not sure I deserved it. I will say that the bucket idea came from you. I thought to myself as I walked throught the isles at Target the night before, "Hmmmm, now, how would ERIN wrap this gift?"

~love said...

so, so sweet! i love that..a sprinkle! pretty pics!

and fun disneyland below!! =)

britty said...

erin, sounds like fun. i too loved the pink/turquois post on tonya's blog. sometime i should get you two together in real life. and by the way, you are a radiant mother to be!

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