Wednesday, July 18, 2007

100th Post!

I can't believe this is my ONE HUNDREDTH post on this here little blog of mine. When I started last August - I knew nothing about blogging, uploading photos, or making slide shows and online videos. So I am pretty proud of myself and all I have attempted and learned in the last 11 months. I'm also impressed that I've logged 100 posts in about 330 days! That's one every 3 days. Much better than I thought I would be.

I have really grown to love my little space on the web where I can get out my thoughts, feelings, joys, trials and tribulations. I've also grown to love all of you who read AND comment on my blog. Tonya, Love, Amelia, Laura, are all women of grace and substance - WHOM I HAVE NEVER MET! - but I feel I have a relationship with. I read your blogs everyday. I know your children by name and I enjoy hearing that motherhood is just as engrossing, joyous, troublesome and entertaining in South County, the Midwest, Texas, North Carolina and Oklahoma as it is here in Costa Mesa, California!

To those of you who read AND comment on my blog that I do know - Joanna, Libby, Britian, Teresa, Jennifer, Mom and Andy - thank you for your time and effort. I love reading what you think. I love knowing you enjoy the pictures and stories that are near and dear to me. And I love that this keeps us in touch with each other's lives much better than I ever did before!

And apparently, I just discovered, there have been over 197 different visitors to my blog! Who are you?? Where are you?? What brings you to my blog?? For those of you who visit, but have remained anonymous - please comment and say hello (At least once!) I'd love to know who else reads my mumbo jumbo.

Finally - after 100 posts, I'm ready for a change. I feel that it's time to grow. I've been wanting to learn more about digital scrapbooking so I can embellish this here little space of mine. Can anyone give me some tips on the best place to start? I know nothing about it all download-able? Do I need special software to do it? How tech savvy do you have to be to do and it and have it look good? Okay, Thanks for your time and help! Here's to 100 more.


~love said...

happy 100th! =) i, too, so love how blogging connects us and is very much the same in all these other places!
as for digital scrapbooking--i'm with you. i want to do this and tried briefly. i apparently am not getting something about how to layer?! unfortunately, i didn't have much time to try and am looking forward to trying again! let's since what kind of advice you can get from the "pros"!! =)
(i'm going to go e-mail you now since i have a few minutes!) =)

Jennifer said...

Congrats Erin on a blog well done!! I truly enjoy reading your entries. I check every day for new posts! It's nice being back in touch and seeing what a great mother you and what a terrific family you have (and 1 soon to come). Take care!

Tonya said...

what a kind and thoughtful post here...

if you wanna email me at I can give you a few pointers on digi scrapbooking...I only started 3 months ago, but I can share what I know...when I get a sec sometime!


britty said...

erin, tonya is definitely the digi scrapbooking pro. she is very creative (obviously) and knows where to go on the web to get cool stuff. i, am somewhat lazy and use a software package i got at Costco. i did research it quite a bit and am happy with the results. it's Scrapbook Factory Deluxe and i think it's a great starting off point. you can also email me if you have any questions,

good luck!!

LauraC said...

No idea on the digital scrapbooking but I remember after my 100th post I wanted to do something BIG! Now I am over 500 posts and I'm about to hit my two year anniversary with my blog.

I'm also glad to have internet friends who help me feel more connected to motherhood and learn how universal things are.

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