Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday GG!

Today is my Gramma Nancy's 80th Birthday! We are so lucky to have such a fun, happy, loving, healthy Gramma close to us. She is so with it! My girls call her "GG" for Great Grandma - and they love her so much. Molly asks to go to GG's house at least once a week. I don't know many other 80 year olds that can handle two toddlers - but my Gramma does it all the time. She is always game to stay with the girls if Matt and I have plans. And even on nights when we come home and they are asleep on the couch (which is my clue they gave her a hard time and tried to wiggle out of the normal bedtime routine!) She always says, "We had a great time. They were little Angels!" I also love that while she is with them - they get 100% attention. She reads to them, bakes with them, and plays tea party and dollies with them in their room. I know this because the next morning, Molly always tells me "GG no work the TV, mom!" I guess our flat screen with 3 remotes and 600 channels is too much for GG to bother with! :)

This past weekend we had a party for GG. My mom, (the chef extraordinaire!) made crab enchiladas, goat cheese quesadillas, homemade guacamole, Spanish rice, beans, salad, and Sunscreen punch (this super easy to drink concoction of pineapple-orange-guava juice and malibu rum!) It was all so yummy. The girls and I made chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies and turned them into ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Full tummies and fun was had by all! Happy Birthday GG, We love you!


Joanna said...

Dude, when can I eat over at your mom's house??

Tonya said...

so sweet!

Those desserts look soooo yummy!

How you feeling?

~love said...

oh my goodness that is cute! what a blessing that she is still able to spend such great times with the girls!
and i seriously want to come eat at one of your family get togethers!! =)

Amelia said...

Awe happy birthday to your Grammie!!

Your girls look SO cute!!


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