Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snoopy and The Man

Can't close out the month with out posting about our visit to see Santa and the Snoopy House! (click on the link to see our Santa pics from last year) Continuing one of the traditions from my childhood - we made the walk down the street from my parents house. Complete with coats, scarves, mittens, and hot chocolate. I love taking the girls to see Santa here. It has been the same Santa for over 30 years. So it's the same Santa whose lap I sat on! I love that the pictures we take year after year have the same man in them - makes the fantasy a little more real.

This Santa really "lands" on top of this house in a sleigh and comes down the chimney and out the fireplace. Right in front of all the kids waiting to see him. It is so fun to watch the awe, wonder and excitement on my girls faces.

Both girls wrote Santa letters before we went to see him. I wrote out some words for Megan on another piece of paper and she copied them down in her letter herself. I was so impressed with her little words. Molly just drew a bunch of colorful scribbles, but adorable just the same. Megan asked for a blue teapot and Molly asked for a hot blue car. Too funny.

After the girls sat on Santa's lap and went on their way - I went back up to him and discreetly asked for the letters back! They were too precious for me not to keep forever. I still have Megan's from last year that we wrote on the same Santa stationary. Looks like it has become a Burns family tradition now!

PS - Today is my brother Charlie's 24th birthday...Happy Birthday Uncle Charlie! We love you!

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LACY said...

CJ loves snoopy, we would love that! Hope you had a great christmas!

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