Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Molly's Milestones

Several times as Molly has grown, I have experienced something that I rarely experienced with Megan. Molly will do something that blows me away, usually because it's something we haven't practiced together. Like when she first rolled over, or first pulled herself up on the coffee table in the living room. I looked at her and thought to myself - "Where did you learn to do THAT?!"

With Megan, I had so much more one on one time. There were so many things I made a conscious effort to do, practice and learn with her. Like tummy time, animal sounds, clapping her hands. Naturally (and quite naively) I thought everything she learned to do or say was because of all of my parenting, coaching and coaxing.

But then Molly started to do things that I had hardly shown her how to do. I realized that kids reach developmental milestones all on their own. It really had very little to do with me, and more to do with them, their environment, and age.

Do any of you remember when Megan learned to say her ABC's? We would sing them together everyday - several times a day! Molly liked to try and sing them too - but would only repeat "A, A, A, B!" before breaking into laughter. I posted a video of her cute attempt last May.

Well last week Molly said to me "Mom listen!" and proceeded to sing - all the way through - her ABC's. I felt so proud and so guilty all at the same time. When did she learn how to do that? We sing the ABC's together sometimes...but not like I did with Megan. Not often enough for her to learn them like that. Well - I'll tell you how she learned them. From the Leap Frog ABC magnets we have on the fridge! She plays with them all the time.

When this realization hit me, the Mommy Guilt began. I thought, "OK Erin, it's time to step it up." Because REALLY?! My child - the one whose mommy stays home all day so that she can be the one to influence her children - learned her ABC's from a TOY! How much do I feel like a pathetic, embarrassed, slacker of a Mom?

I know that may be a bit of an exaggeration. She is learning her letters and ABC's everyday when we play and read, color and write. But I cannot think of a time that I consciously sat down and "practiced" the song the way I did with Megan.

Then - just to rub it in, the next day at Mommy & Me class, Molly colored a beautiful rainbow. When she was done, I asked her if I could write her name on it. And she replied "Yes! M-O-two L's-Y!" WTF? She spells?

Seriously Mom, time to get with the program! Thank God for Leap Frog, otherwise Wyatt might be mute!

So here is my Molly B - a far cry from "A, A, A, B!" Makes me realize how fast time marches on (right over the top of me some days!)


britty said...

oh man, i hear you loud and clear. already in Madeline's short life i've missed so much of those little milestones. it seems like she just wakes up with a new skill. with Anna, i was practically following along with a book to make sure she was on track. but don't beat yourself up, just be greatful we've got Leap Frog. (our vidoe du jour is Letter Factory, now Anna is really learning the letter's sounds...Maddie too! and if we're smart, we'll take credit for it:)

~love said...


okay, so that's 3 of us now. i absoulutely was shocked to hear anika sing the ABC's perfectly the first time she did. WHEN did she learn that.

but, i have to encourage you on one thing with a little disagreement. kids do not do this "all on their own." unfortunately, as a nurse on the pediatric unit now, i see kids who just haven't been exposed, encouraged and nutured the way i know you do yours. and they don't do things like that.

so, yes...we weren't as aware of it, but it DOES have a lot to do with you and the environment in which you are raising her. =)

Joanna said...

Well, Love certainly shed some interesting light on this topic!

I am impressed. I see Molly all the time and I didn't know she could do that. Wow!

And, I totally laughed at the Wyatt being mute comment. :-)

LACY said...

Way to go Molly!!

steph said...

i'm impressed! erin, you're a great mom - your kids are healthy, happy, loved, and learning! what more could a kid want in parents!!

LauraC said...

Love has some good points... and you are buying educational toys for them! It's not like you plop them down in front of violent R-rated tv shows all day while you chat on the phone. There's only so much one person can do.

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