Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's Party!

Molly had quite a week of celebrating for her third birthday! We started last Friday, her actual birthday, off with presents and cinnamon rolls (complete with candles) for breakfast before Daddy left for work. The first thing she opened was new My Little Pony underwear. She was so excited, she stripped from her jammies right at the kitchen table and put them on!

Fridays are when Molly and I attend Mommy & Me, so I had signed up to bring snack to our class. Earlier in the week I had asked her what she wanted to bring in honor of her birthday and she said "rainbow snack!" For those of you who know me - you know I can get a little obsessive in the birthday department. So off I went creating a snack suitable for preschoolers with a rainbow theme. I made rainbow Jell-O cups, rainbow cupcakes, and rainbow fruit cherrio necklaces. The Jell-O cups turned out better than I had envisioned and were a total hit! The rainbow cupcakes were super cute, but I wish the "rainbows" I made out of fruit roll ups had held their shape a little better. The rainbow necklaces were also a hit - THANK GOD - because I had kept my sweet husband up till midnight watching TiVo'd shows and stringing cheerios the night before. Molly had a blast getting to wear Megan's special rainbow twirly skirt to school, having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her, and getting to blow out another candle!

On Saturday we had a party for her at the park. Molly LOVES My Little Pony - so I obsessed on that theme too. I found an article on how to make Hobby Horses out of a pair of blue jeans and some yarn in Family Fun magazine. But I used women's slacks in all different candy colors that I bought at the Goodwill instead and made one for each little girl. They turned out really cute. Of course I made a turquoise one with rainbow yarn for Molly so that it looked like her favorite pony, Rainbow Dash. At the park, the girls raced around the grass with their ponies and had a great time.

Believe it or not, I also made my FIRST EBay purchase for this party! A retired Wilton cake pan from 1986 in the shape of a My Little Pony. I had fun decorating it to look like Rainbow Dash complete with the rainbow "cutie mark" on her rump - but it took me way longer than I expected having to mix up all those colors of frosting! We served it with Rainbow Sherbet ice cream, of course, and Molly got to blow out a THIRD candle. Fitting for being 3, I guess.

The lady I bought the cake pan from included some purple My Little Pony fabric in the box when she shipped the pan, so I cut a big #3 out of the fabric and machine appliqued it onto a turquoise shirt for Molly to wear to her party. I put pink ric-rack behind the material to really make it pop and made sure that Rainbow Dash was in there somewhere. She loved it. She's worn it almost everyday since.

The following week both Matt and the girls were out of school for Ski Week. So we went to Disneyland on Monday. Our Papa Tim retired from the fire department last year and has been antsy ever since. So he applied to Disneyland's Fire department and, of course, got the job! He feels a little silly. Having been a fire captain for years - Disneyland for him is a little like Emeril getting a job at McDonald's - but my girls think it's the greatest thing ever. They are like "Our Papa is a fireman at DISNEYLAND!" So he got us in the gate right when it opened on Monday and stayed at the park with us for a couple hours. We had a blast until about noon and then went home for naps (and for Mom to nurse Wyatt who had stayed home with GG in the morning, I thought I was going to burst!) We went back to the park in the afternoon, Wyatt too, and enjoyed the Parade of Dreams, the Electrical Parade AND the fireworks. Thanks for the special treat Papa Tim! We had a great day!

Molly has been a very blessed little girl this past week. Thanks for all who shared in her celebrating and made her special day just exactly that! I hope you enjoy the slideshow of all our fun.


LACY said...

ERIN! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! You are so creative! Can you do cjs party?? WOW! Those horses are to die for. Thanks for sharing those pics and ideas. SO cute! I bet Molly had the best birthday ever!

Anderson said...

How the hell did you make rainbow jello?

Erin said...

Pour an ounce of grape in and let it "jell" for 3 hours, pour an ounce of blueberry in and let it jell for 3 hours...and so on thru the colors. It takes a day and half - but the results and smiles were worth it!

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