Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday when the kids were napping, I was sitting on the couch reading my book club book and noticed that a black crow was hopping all along the length of our fence outside. I did think it was a little out of the ordinary, but barely gave him a second thought. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see him swoop in under our eves and ATTACK THE BABY BIRDS in their nest!!!

I freaked out! I mean, we've been waiting and watching these little guys for weeks! I feel like they are my babies too! The crow quickly flew away and I watched him perch high in a tree across the street and go to town on his afternoon snack! I stood there in shock. What was I going to tell the girls? Just that morning we had sat outside and watched the Mommy feed all their open, chirping mouths. Maybe I wouldn't have to tell them....the crow couldn't have gotten all four little birds, right?

I got out the ladder and climbed up to examine the damage. There were still two babies peacefully sleeping away. "Oh you lucky little birds," I thought! "Where is your Mommy?!" I went back inside and Megan was awake. She asked why I was up looking at the nest.

Right in the middle of telling her the story - THE FREAKIN' CROW CAME BACK! I screamed so loud I woke the other kids in the house! Again - we watched him fly away to a telephone wire above our backyard and begin feasting on the little wiggling babies he was clutching in his feet.

Both girls stared up in disbelief. So I started to explain to them what had happened and why the crow would do such a thing in the simplest way possible. There was a definite anger and sadness in my voice however. By this time Matt was home from work. He chimed in - "Oh Erin, that's nature. The girls know. Everybody has to eat. It's Survival of the Fittest."

I scowled at him. HUMOR ME, please! My babies just got eaten by a crow!! I don't want your "Circle of Life" lecture! Megan and Molly seemed perfectly okay with this explanation however. They went about playing only stopping to ask if the Mommy Bird would lay more eggs in a couple of days.

Sadly girls, I don't think so. She's been back to the empty nest a few times since yesterday. But each time she quickly flies away. Sweet Mommy Bird, I feel your pain. The Circle of Life sucks!


LACY said...

How sad!! If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your friend?

~love said...

ugh...that does suck!

i always hate explaining this kind of stuff too...then they always take it so much better than i imagine. kids are so smart and resilient! =)

lol that your scream woke the rest of the house up. =)

britty said...

Erin, i have been having computer trouble lately and just caught up on like 20 posts. wow, is Molly your mini-me or what? happy birthday! and i am so bummed about your birds. i had a family of birds last spring, and i would have freaked out if i saw what you did! glad to hear the girls took it okay!

Joanna said...


Anderson said...

As a mother now, I cannot handle stories like that!! Imagine the guilt the momma bird must have felt--if only she had been a little quicker with her errands....I guess that's what seperates us from the animals--our ability to feel like crap about these things.

LauraC said...

That is so sad, I was so excited to hear if they were twin babies!! And I thought the story was going to the point where you were going to save them too!!!

Libby said...

That is so sad! I could practically hear your excitement and they were adorable in the pics you took. I'm glad the girls took it so well.

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