Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Arrivals

Our babies hatched earlier this week!

And to our surprise, there are FOUR of them!

There were only two eggs last time we checked. So Mama Bird must have laid two more eggs after I snapped that last picture. That or else these are two sets of birdie twins. (Does that even happen? Good question for our Science teacher Daddy) The girls love sitting on the back of our couch and listening to the birds' little chirps from the window. Yesterday I climbed a ladder - carrying each one of them - so the girls could get a real peak. There were squeals and giggles. How long till baby birds get their "wings"... Anyone know?


Erin said...

ahhhhh, so sweet! We had some baby birds a couple of years ago that flew away in about 10 days- you'll be amazed how fast they grow!

Joanna said...

These one's got their wings early. In friggin' HEAVEN, thanks to the crow!

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