Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Pat on the Back Ever

There are a few blogs that I check almost every day. Women I know personally and others I have met in "Blogland." It is encouraging to read other mothers' plights in this crazy adventure we call Parenting. Knowing that I am not the only one who second guesses themselves, who is burning it at both ends, and who struggles to find BALANCE makes the chaos a little less overwhelming. The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of these women inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to have faith that I am doing my best.

Often when I am feeling like the walls are closing in on me, reading these blogs reminds me that the world is bigger than my problems. These women have had similar experiences that have tested their endurance, patience or faith - and have put it out there for me to read. Shared their conflicts and their resolutions. So I respect these women, value their friendship and advice, and have a special place in my heart for their children. It is like we are growing - as women, mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and daughters - TOGETHER. Helping one another along the way.

I was checking in with one of these blogs a few weeks ago, and was delighted to find Laura had posted about similar feelings. Mommy to twin boys who are almost 2, she began her post like this:

"Two short weeks from today, two little boys in my house will turn two. I couldn't have made it these first two years without the help of all my mom friends, real and virtual. I've asked almost every mom friend I know for help at some point, and now it's time to return the favor. I've decided to host a blog giveaway to celebrate the spirit of helping other moms. Tell me a story of how you helped another mom. You can also nominate people by telling me a story of how someone helped you! Don't be shy on this one! Step up and be proud of helping other moms."

What an awesome, sweet, generous, and kind idea I immediately thought! And began to ponder what I would enter. How had I helped another mom recently? But before I could get any further in my mental search I read the next paragraph in her post:

"This blog giveaway was inspired by two events in the blogodome this week. First, Erin from Bringing Up Burns' (who is a high school friend of my college friend Libby) made what may be one of the most impressive gifts for an expecting mom I have ever seen. She handmade a quilt and matching burp cloths then wrapped it up into a diaper cake with champagne. It is crazy awesome and she managed to do it while being a stay-at-home mom to three kids. For inspiring this giveaway, Erin is the first winner and will be getting her choice of a gift certificate to a spa or a gift certificate to Blurb to finish her blog book."

I had chills. I blushed. I was so flattered. But most of all I felt appreciated, recognized, and validated. I am a good friend! Not that I didn't think this already - but it is always nice to hear it from someone else. I think we as mothers rarely get that pat on the back we so deserve. And it is amazing how the smallest word, tiniest gesture, simplest act can make all the difference. The pat on the back Laura gave me however, was far from small, tiny or simple. She sent me a very generous gift certificate for Spa Gregories! I cannot wait to pamper myself, and relax and rejuvenate.

This random act of kindness was such a pleasant surprise. Especially coming from another woman I respect and admire so much. THANK YOU LAURA! Now it is time to pass along the love. Get yourself over to Laura's Blog and post a comment about how you have helped another mom, or how another mom has helped you. Her giveaway is still going on! You have until midnight (EST) this Saturday to enter. And be sure to wish her two precious boys Happy Birthday! They are 2 tomorrow!


Aubs said...

How wonderful Erin that you received a much deserved pat on the back! You are an amazing woman and a true inspiration to me. Enjoy your time at the spa and cheers to wonderful blog friends! =)

Erin said...

How sweet!!! (of both of you!)

I hope you enjoy some well earned pampering!

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