Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miss You Already!

It's just a little over a week since Kate and Paul left back to Chicago. But we miss them so! It was a crazy visit - with my Mom's surgery happening right in the middle - but it was so nice to have them here as a distraction from all of that as well. I think it was nice for my Dad not to have an empty house when my Mom stayed in the hospital. We all got together for dinner almost every night and enjoyed time as a family. Thanks to my lovely sister - my daughters are now experts at mixing Mojitos and have taken to calling their juice at dinner time a "cocktail!" Sweet.

Andy and Adrie came for dinner too.
Wyatt enjoyed practicing his Jumping Jacks in their laps!

Andy and Adrie have a new baby of their own who made her debut last weekend.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Olive.

Her big brother Odie is very happy she came along. He was very protective of her with all the other dogs. She is just barely 8 weeks old and still loves to be snuggled. So Adrie carries her around in a Peanut Shell baby sling! Too cute.

It was pretty hot last weekend - so we took advantage and all went to the beach on Saturday. Is this the cutest beach baby you've ever seen? I love his little rash guard shirt and matching board shorts. The whole outfit is SPF 50 too! How great is that?

Andy met us with his boat and took Kate, Paul and the girls out for a ride to find the sea lions.

Monday we took Kate and Paul to visit Matt at his school - since he had flown home from Costa Rica late, late Sunday night - they hadn't seen each other yet. We were able to squeeze in a lunchtime visit, complete with In n' Out burgers and fries to hold over Paul's cravings until the next time he makes it out to California. One last picture on the field outside Matt's classroom before we drove them to the airport.

Megan and her Aunt Kate have decided it would make a great Burns family tradition to get to visit Chicago for your 5th Birthday. I think I am going to have to agree! What's the weather like in Chicago in August? A balmy 75 degrees, right?!


Aubs said...

What a blessing to have had that time together as a family! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! How is your Mom doing?

Joanna said...

That post was jam-packed with love and fun.

Katherine said...

What great pictures! We had so much fun with your family. Now...just tell paul to throw away that ridiculous hat he is wearing and get some sun!

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