Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fun - My Boyfriends

A little eye candy to get your weekend off to a good start!
My Rock Star Boyfriend - Bon Jovi

My Movie Star Boyfriend - Marky Mark
(yes, he lets me still call him that!)

My Soap Star Boyfriend - Joshua Morrow
My Pro Athlete Boyfriend - Adam Scott
Is there a better reason to endure Golf?

And finally - My Male Model Boyfriend - Nicholas Lemons.
I think he just might be the cure for the common cold!

Although no self respecting man would wear a bucket hat!

Do you have any 'Boyfriends?'


Aubs said...

What a FUN post...and definatly a great start to the weekend! *wink wink* I also have a celeb crush on Patrick Dempsey....cliche? pretty much but true non the less!

Tonya said...

yummy post...yummers...


Joanna said...

Can I share your male model boyfriend?

When did you find time to post this??

LACY said...

I wonder what the two watches are for. One is probably to let Nicholas know when to wax the pubes and the other is probably reminding him that he really isn't as bad ass as he may like to be at 110 lbs. Erin and Matt, what's up yo! Lets get together for some fun at Disney it will be a blast. I also am trying to get some Angels tickets but just let me knoe who would want to go so I can get what we need. Looking forward to hearing from you guys,


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