Friday, June 13, 2008

MJ's Last Day

Today is Megan's last day of school! She has been blessed this year with fabulous, loving, caring, giving teachers. Teachers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with extra hugs, encouragement, energy, patience, fun, and faith. Megan absolutely loves school, and that makes Matt and I so happy.

Here is her school picture from last year. (I didn't have a scanner then - so it didn't make it on the blog)
And here is her school picture from this year. Oh how she has grown in just 12 short months!

Her face is so much more mature. It may just be me - but I think there is a confidence in her smile that wasn't there a year ago. A sense of self that comes with being that much older. I love it! And oh how I miss those long, sweet curls! But her haircut now suits her so.

At her preschool, they teach thru developmental play. They don't practice writing letters or numbers. But Megan always wants to do it at home. First I taught her how to write her name in all CAPS. But then I heard that it's best to teach upper case and lower case at the same time - showing them how the first letter is capitalized, followed by the rest lower case. Ever since we started learning lower case letters last week - she hasn't stopped practicing! Here is a project she worked on the other day. She's also been practicing drawing HEARTS!

She wrote her name, Molly's and Wyatt's all on her own, and then asked me how to spell my name, Matt's and Burns. I just called out the letters, and she wrote. What looks like a bunch of "Z's" was really her practicing her "2's." I think it's pretty good for being 4 years old!

Sometimes I am taken aback by how grown up she is. And sometimes I still get glimpses of the baby she was. Both pull at my heartstrings. I can say however, it brings me so much pride and joy to witness this little girl, my first baby, growing into the sweet young lady that she is. I love you Megan Juhl!


Joanna said...

Wow. Her printing does not look like a preschoolers "trying it out." Her letters look like she's been writing forever!

Aubs said...

How sweet!! There is definatly a very vibrant maturity in the most recent picture...she is beautiful Erin!

Congratulations Megan on finishing preschool! I love the picture of your did a wonderful job!!

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