Thursday, July 10, 2008

Est 07.10.1999

Dear Matthew,

Has it really been 9 years since that HOT, HOT day we said "I Do!" ? You went surfing that morning with Jud and locked his keys in his car - along with your tuxedo, our wedding rings, and the honeymoon luggage! Thank God for AAA. We had a bet as to who would cry first. I lost. Didn't even make it half way down the aisle. Loved our Woody ride from the church to the barn - where every car on PCH honked at us along the way. Two stanzas into our first dance you teared up. I asked,"Are you going to cry or swing me around this dance floor?" You literally did. We promised not to smash cake in each others' faces. You upheld your end of that bargain. I didn't! You sang Karaoke - What's Up? I rolled down the steep, grassy hill in my dress. While everyone enjoyed cocktails, hors de hourves, steak and lobster - you and I were so busy celebrating we hardly ate or drank. We drove thru McDonald's after the reception on our way to the hotel. Remember Katherine's decorated Explorer? Whoops! Jud's car keys went missing again - they went home in his Dad's pocket earlier in the night. So we made a quick stop by the Crary's and made Mama C's night! Back to the reception to get our luggage and then onto the hotel. Which we could see from the freeway, but couldn't find once we got off. We made 3 circles on and off of the exit. Finally! We checked in to the hotel and the concierge looked at us and asked "Did you just get married?" Um well - we booked the honeymoon suite, are in a tuxedo and white dress with veil, and this isn't Halloween. So what do you think?! You laughed at the number of bobby pins that came out of my hair - and how even when they were all out and sitting on the bedside table - my hair was still in a perfect up-do. I took a bath and thought to myself, "That went way too fast. 13 months of obsessing and planning and it was over in a little over 8 hours. Someone was sweet enough to send chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to our room. Comically - room service showed up at the most inopportune time! Checked out before breakfast the next morning in order to catch our flight to Hawaii. So silly to pay the extra money for the honeymoon suite when we were there less than 9 hours!

Our wedding ROCKED. People still tell us so. It was picture of the best, most fun days of my life. But the best part of it all was that I got YOU! And 9 years later we are still happy, in love, and busy making memories. I love you so much...more than I can put into words on this silly blog. As much as my heart can hold. My life is better, easier, and more meaningful with you in it. Thank you for loving me and being my best friend, for allowing so many of my dreams to become a reality, for making me feel special everyday, and for always seeing the best in me while letting other things slide.

Turn your volume up and start the playlist that's at the bottom. Every song brings an EXACT memory of US to my mind. Can you guess which song goes with which memory?

  1. The first time I play this song for you is on a visit to New York after your football game. We are sitting in a big chair - only into each other - while the rest of your suite parties around us. This song still makes me smile, and be so thankful for US!

  2. Driving in your Ford Ranger down a dirt road in Mexico. Windows are down, wind in our hair, surfboard in the back - headed for K38. This song is playing.

  3. Frist night out ever - Went to MiCasa for Trevor's birthday. You and Jud picked me up in his Previa. You are wearing a Spooner and laugh at something Jud says. I melt at your perfectly straight, gorgeous, white toothed smile. Jud plays this song over and over and over and over!

  4. You organize a party bus to take a bunch of us to a concert. We pre-party at Brad Pence's. Taylor is almost busted in the parking lot of Irvine Meadows - but you sweet talk his way out of it with the cops. By the time we make it into the concert - we hear only this song and then the whole thing is over!

  5. You have everyone at our reception in stitches. My mom is like "I've never seen this side of Matthew! Did you know he did this?" YES Mom...I've seen it a few times!

  6. Our "Official" first date - we dress up, you come to my front door, we go to dinner and a movie. This is from the soundtrack. It is also one of the first songs everyone dances to at our wedding.

  7. We are at his concert together and I sing every last word of every song. I give you his CD to listen to on your long drive home from Iowa. Happy to say I brought this man into your life!

  8. Rocking this song at our reception. Becker takes a picture of us freaking on the dance floor, me with beer in hand. Dancing to this song - you always cast your line and reel me in.

  9. Stuck in the Jeep on the one road into Lahaina because of a big accident. This song plays on the radio at least 3 times. It fast becomes the theme song to our Honeymoon.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my Love...May our memories together always make sweet music! XOXOXO Aloe Vera Forever!


Aubs said...

Awww..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! That is such an awesome post and your words portray such an amazing love between the two of you! May you be blessed with many many more years to come!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet post, Erin! Congratulations on this special day!!!

~love said...

great post, erin. happiest anniversary to you both! =)

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

It's sounds like you two have a truly blessed marriage, congratulations on your anniversary.

LACY said...

What a cute post!! You guys are awesome!

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