Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time Away

I had the luxury of a Girls Getaway this past weekend with 7 of my girlfriends. Most of us had been at the sentencing Friday, so it was a great time to be together, remembering Candace and talking out our feelings about what had happened. We relaxed by the pool while reading People and US Weekly and told funny stories on one another. (All of us either went to high school together or have married guys we went to high school with, so there were some good stories!)

Saturday night we had a dinner reservation that was later than 6PM, at a place where there were no vinyl booths, and not a chicken nugget anywhere on the menu. We sat outside, right on the water and drank, shared appetizers, and only had to cut up our own entrees! During dinner the sun set and dolphins played in the crashing surf. It was a little surreal. After dinner, we returned to the ranch for a night of jammies, champagne, and more girl talk. Then I slept in until 9AM Sunday morning! It was great fun, great conversation and great laughs.

This was the first time I have left Wyatt overnight, but I thought it would be a good trial run for next weekend when Megan and I go to Chicago. Of course, he did just fine. I really have to hand it to my husband. I knew he could handle all 3 kids, but as a Mom, you still have those nagging "What Ifs?" in the back of your mind. Matt did just fine too. He navigated thru Saturday's nap schedules and the girls gymnastic classes ending the day by making Breakfast for Dinner. Megan and Molly were like, "Mom! We ate pancakes AND waffles last night!" Then Matt turned our entire living room into a giant fort with every pillow and blanket in the house. Complete with the ladder from our garage and our king size mattress on the floor!! He and the girls had slept in it all night. I smiled remembering when I was a child and my mom would go on a Girls Getaway. My Dad would stack patio chairs on our sofa so that we could have "stadium seating" to watch movies at night.

I returned home rested and rejuvenated, but confused as to who had more fun! Me or the family I had left behind. This time away made me thankful for many things. My Girlfriends - who make each struggle as a wife and mother a little easier and a little funnier. My husband - who is so capable and willing as "Mr. Mom." My Children - who's smiles, giggles, and sweet, soft smell will never let me be gone for long.


Aubs said...

Oh Erin~ What a blessing to have that time away! So glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend and that all was well when you returned home!!

And props to Matt...good job Daddy! Its funny how you always have those "what ifs" in the back of your mind but i always fall a little more in love with my hubby when i return home and realize what an awesome daddy he truly is!! glad to hear that test results are "good" for your Mom! I will continue to pray for her strength and for you and all of the family as well!

Jennifer said...

How fun!! What a deserved weekend for you!!

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