Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Sneak Peek Giveaway

Can you guess what the kids are going to be for Halloween?!

1. Megan

2. Molly

3. WyattYou have until midnight on Halloween to post your answers as a comment. When you do - I'll put your name in a hat to win a gift certificate to CC Roo! (Can't make it to sunny CA to shop - don't fret, will be opening early November...So exciting!) The sticky fingers of my 3 year old will pick the winner. Game on!


LauraC said...

Megan - Dorothy
Molly - Ladybug
Wyatt - Frog

The problem is that I want to guess something coordinated! But I can't seem a theme to the fabrics.

Emily said...

Megan: Dorothy
Molly: Ladybug
Wyatt: Dinosaur

I love you Erin. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, too. It really means a lot to me.

Love from Iowa!

Anonymous said...

megan - dorothy
molly - minnie mouse
wyatt - incredible hulk

Anderson said...

M= Dorothy
M2= Clown
Wyatt= Pea in pod

~love said...

megan: dorothy
molly: minnie mouse
wyatt: dragon

if i'm right about megan, she and chloe will match. =)

Aubs said...

Ok...i have to tell you that this one has been on my mind ALL day!! I'm still stumped on Wyatt's but here it goes..

Molly-Minnie Mouse

This was fun!

Professor Springer said...

Happy Halloween Burns Family!

Bren's Blog said...

Megan: Dorothy
Molly: Minnie Mouse
Wyatt: Dinosaur

Libby said...

1. Dorothy
2. Minnie Mouse
3. Shrek

LACY said...

Minnie Mouse
Dragon or Aligator
Can't wait to see....

Jennifer said...

What a clever idea.....I think:
1) Dorothy
2) Minnie Mouse
3) Dinosaur/dragon

Whatever they are....they're gonna be cute!!!

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