Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To the Birthday Boy

Hello Lover,

Today is your birthday. 33 glorious years old. As time marches on I think you get more and more fascinating to me. I find my thoughts drift to you when there is a quiet moment in my day. I think of your smile and your perfectly straight, white teeth, your strong arms and your delts, your blue eyes and the way they sparkle when you tease me. I think of how you can always make me laugh and of our long conversations at night in bed. I think of how I fit just so in the crook of your neck.

The noisy moments in my day make me think of you too. After all - it is you who got me in this predicament! And I thank you for it. Thank you for our three gorgeous children. I love the parts of them that remind me of you. Megan's eyes and intelligence, Molly's energy and sense of humor, Wyatt's calves and bruiser mentality. Thank you for working 2 jobs (sometimes 3) so that I can stay home with them and bake and play and laugh and color and dance and rock them to sleep to my heart's content. Thank you for loving them more than yourself and always telling them so.

Going about my day - little things let me know that you think of me too. Like when I go to put the kids in the car, and you have already replaced the car seat you removed over the weekend. Or when I find that the laundry has magically moved from washer to dryer while I slept. Seeing you jump from the couch when I drive up with a carload of groceries. Or eating a yummy dinner made by your capable hands because you said "You make dinner all the time, Let me do it!" Those words are like Wife Porn, sweet husband. Beware!

I love you because you wrap up the vacuum cord without grumbling (I always leave it undone.) Because you grate the cheese when I make tacos (you know I hate doing it.) Because you bring extra blankets to bed (I steal all the ones already on it.) Because you fix all the electronics I break (which is almost on a daily basis.) Because you are confident in me (even when I am not confident in myself.) Because of your willingness to help me with my projects (even when I am starting #9 and all other eight are still "in the works!") Because of what I see in our children's eyes when they look at you (hero, happiness, humor, handsome!)

Today is your day Matthew. Lucky you...It's also a holiday from school! The kids and I are going to make you Eggs Benedict for breakfast and let you consume all the football you want. High School, College, Pro, Fantasy - all of the above! (It's a Tuesday - how much football can there be?) You do have to go coach later - but that's okay. I am going to make you a big chocolate cake and greet you at the door wearing nothing but my birthday suit! Just kidding. You wish.

For obvious reasons, and some not so obvious, the song that is playing right now always makes me think of you. Remember when we saw Garth sing it live? Matthew - I am 100%, Prime Time, in love with you! (That line always makes me think of you, too!) To my Night Moves, my Summertime, my Top Gun. The man of my dreams...even when I am wide awake! Happiest of Birthdays my Love!

Hugs and French Kisses,

(I think it goes without saying what I am Thankful for today!)
Night Moves - Bob Seger And The Silver Bulle


Mr. Burns said...

You truly are Awesome. I cannot compete with your wonderful words, but know that they hit home. I love you so much and I too appreciate the time you spend at home with the rugrats.

Here's to..Forever my Love!

~love said...

happy birthday, matt!

love this tribute, erin....so, so sweet! it reminded me a lot of my matt, too....how blessed we are!!

Joanna said...

You are such a lucky girl, Erin. He is just what I would have wanted for you, my best frend.

Happy Birthday, Matt. Thanks for taking good care of that family of yours.

Jason said...

i am just reading this, and it brought tears to my eyes. how beautiful to know that nothing has changed since Matt was living in New York and you were just a cute little waitress. They say "Good Guys finish Last" The 2 of you prove there is no truth to that statement! God Bless you & your family for many continued years of this infectious happiness.

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