Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ABC Christmas Tree

Growing up, my Mom had an ABC Block Christmas Tree that she made that came out with the decorations each year. She said she had seen something similar at a Christmas Boutique one year and knew she could go home and make a better one (that is so something I would do!) I have always loved this block tree and this year I found similar blocks in the Dollar Spot at Target. So that got me going on making one of my own for our family!

Here is my Mom's. I love how hers is antique looking - the blocks looked brown and aged, soft and played with. (I guess it is something like 28 years old!) Can you see my name? My maiden name is Gregg.

And here is the Burns Family Block Tree that I made. I wish the blocks weren't so white and brand new. I thought about trying to stain them, or dying them with tea before I assembled it. But I got too antsy to see the thing put together! My thought is that I plan to have it around for the next 28 years, so one day it will look just like my Mom's, right?!
It still needs some sort of topper - I searched all month for a cute sleigh like on my mom's, but with no success. I'm hoping by next season, I will have found something. And I think I am going to raise the base with little ball feet, like my Mom's too. Here they are side by side.

All in all I am happy with how it turned out. I still have a few more little trinkets to add that I found at after Christmas sales!


~love said...

love this! what fun to see them side by side.

Joanna said...

Hey, that is really neat looking! I'm glad you posted the final product so I could see it. Great idea.

Bert Bell said...

Awesome idea and heirloom to pass down.....thanks for the idea....so cute.....blocks...hmmm

Aubs said...

How stinkin' cute....i've never seen anything like this and it is so fun!! I love that you have been able to carry on so many traditions from your childhood with your family now....so neat!! What a blessing!

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