Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Mondays - week 5

For this final Merry Monday I am going to share one of the traditions that my family has celebrated each year since I was a child. There is a house down the street from where I grew up known as the "Snoopy House." It's called this because from Thanksgiving to New Years, every year for the past 42 years, the Jordan family has decorated their front yard with a huge Christmas Peanuts display. Lights, music, animated murals. It's quite a sight to see. They estimate that they get about 70,000 visitors each year. Santa comes to the house each night from the 18th-23rd and this is always where we go see him.

Giving Snoopy a big Christmas hug!

I'm gonna have to find this same picture with me and my siblings as kids. I know it's in my parents' garage somewhere.
Waiting in line to see Santa with Kate and Paul.
YAY! The Jolly Man arrives. He actually "lands" on the rooftop in his sleigh, comes down the chimney and enters thru the fireplace.

Both girls told Santa they wanted charm bracelets for Christmas.
Our local paper has a slideshow of pictures of the "Snoopy House" where you can see all the details really well. CLICK HERE to see them.

You can CLICK HERE to see my posts and pictures of the Snoopy House from previous years. I love that the Santa is the same man each year. The same man whose lap I sat on as a kid! It's fun to look back and see my girls grow, and see his same jolly smiling face. Poor Wyatt was too sick to make the visit this year. He's been fighting a bad head cold for weeks! Hopefully next year all 3 will be in the picture.

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Joanna said...

I looked back at your Snoopy pictures. I can't believe how much the girls grow each year! Remember when we ran into each other last year? That was fun! That's what being neighbors is all about.

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