Friday, December 05, 2008

These Are The Days

Matt moved our treadmill out of our bedroom and into the the living room last week. Our home is teensy tiny. No joke. I'm talking less than 1000 square feet for 5 people! And tripping over the treadmill (which to tell you the truth has become more of a glorified clothes rack) on his way to trip over the pack n' play (where daycare child #1 or #2 sleeps) whilst making his way out of bed each morning, just got to be too much!

And while I COMPLETELY understand my sweet husband's frustration and sympathize with his plight....the living room is no place for the treadmill. This is the same living room - all 300 square feet of it - that I and 6, yes count them...SIX children play in every day. ALL DAY. And anyone who's spent time with a toddler can tell you, if there is something in the room you don't want them to touch - that thing becomes like a live pony ride in the middle of the room. They can't get enough of it!

So you can imagine how this past week went at our house.

"No No. This is not a toy. You can get hurt. Can you please get down? Let's play over here!"

"Oooh! Look at what a strong girl you are! But really honey, swinging from the arms of the treadmill is not such a good idea. Come see what I'm doing over here!"

"WOW! You are such a big boy to get up there all by yourself! But you can't get down now, can you? Careful, don't bonk! Ooops! You bonked, huh? See Mommy was right. No more treadmill, okay?!"


SO... I thought you would smile to know that the treadmill made its way to the garage last night! YAY! But only to be replaced by a freshly decorated Christmas tree. Not sure which is worse in the case of 15 month old toddler-dom? Wyatt now thinks the twinkling lights are teething toys and all the ornaments are "balls" that are his to throw across the room!

Cherish these moments, right? They will fly by and I will be begging for them back in just a few short years...RIGHT?!

Nothing blogging and a glass of chardonnay can't make better! Hope everyone is enjoying the Sparkle and Spirit this holiday brings! I am. Honestly, I am!!

On another note: after decorating the tree tonight, Molly said to me, "Mom, we have to write a letter to the GWINCH and tell him PWEASE...Don't take our tree! I love it!" She literally kissed the pine needles as she said it. I'm afraid she's going to be our tree hugger. God Bless her!


Tonya said...

I love the crazy frustrating realities of being a mom! My tree is just about the saddest little tree there ever was...drooping light strands, ornaments broken, ornaments being tossed around like balls, and the surviving ornaments all hanging on the top of the tree...a beautiful mess that is evidence of 3 very active children that roam my home...

doesn't take long to see it is the most beautiful little tree in the world...

I love reading about your days with your little ones...



LauraC said...

Our treadmill is in our office with my desk, Jon's desk, the train table... oh I wish we had more space there! But no way could a treadmill fit with a Christmas tree!

Joanna said...

That was freaking funny. I can totally hear you talking to the kids that way. That's exactly how you do it (minus the "freaking" part.) :-)

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