Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wii are Family

Uncle TJ and Erin bought us a Wii for Christmas (which we celebrated a little early since they are are up North for the holiday) and we've been obsessed ever since. It is SO fun! Here is what our house has been like for the past two days (both girls still in their jammies!)

And apparently our kids are naturals. Megan beat Matt at Tennis and Molly bowled a 191 her very first game! Two spares and five strikes...three of them IN A ROW! She was so excited.

Thank you Uncle TJ and Erin for our FUN, FUN Christmas present. It's the most fun all of us have had together as a family in awhile!

1 comment:

Aubs said...

oh my goodness....we are loving the wii too!! So much fun and i love that the whole family can play together!! I pray the Burns family has a wonderful Christmas!!

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