Friday, January 30, 2009


Nothing too exciting to post this morning. I've already run 2 miles and now I am off to take the girls to school and run some more with Wy in the jogger. It gets addicting - seeing results.

I saw Twilight again last night with another girlfriend who just finished all 4 books. We were laughing on the way home. When was the last time I bought a hardcover book? Um...NEVER. I just don't. But this series made me buy 2 in under one week!

Before I left for the movie, Matt asked "What are you going to see?" and I sheepishly admitted, "Twilight" under my breath. "Didn't you already see it?!" he replied ..."Um, yeah." He smiled and teased me, "That's nice....I think the last movie we saw together was Indiana Jones almost a year ago...but yeah, that's cool!"

UGH! Seriously, right? What is it about vampires? I owe my husband a date night!! Maybe we'll make our own movie.

I also finished my book club book. The one I picked. In under a week. I was a great page turner too. It's called Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It spans 30 years in the lives of 2 women. From their teens to their 40's. Emotional read, but great for a women's book club. I was so ready for what I thought the big twist at the end would be, but I was wrong. And I liked that.

So that's my Friday Gumbo....Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are headed to the Crary's annual Superbowl party. Should be a blast, as always. Tons of our friends, football, food - and a bouncy house to keep all the kids entertained!

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LACY said...

I think you and Matt should make your own movie.

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