Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dear Valentine

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Remember when I asked you to get matching tattoos? And you flat out, without hesitation, shut me down. Awhile later I got matching tattoos with my Mom and Sister. Which I love. So I got over being denied. But then you went and got matching tattoos with your cousin Andy. Wait...What? We're so getting matching tattoos. I think the one above would be fabulous. Sparkle, Glitter, True Love fabulous!


But I would if you wanted to. I would do most anything with you. Because with you, everything is easier. With you days are more fun, less scary, full of life and always a little humorous. With you food tastes better, wine sweeter, the bed is warmer. With you the ins and outs, ups and downs seem to take on an even keel.

With you I've learned so much. You've taught me about love, loyalty, and Adenosine Triphosphate. I've learned to sleep thru snoring, read an offensive line, and make a mean cheesecake. Because of you I know how to buzz a head, swim out of a riptide, and watch a movie more than once. I now know Aloe Vera, Appetizer, and Natasha all have double meanings.

You've also taught me about dreams. I've learned they do come true. In a happy marriage. In a confident, sweet 5 year old. In a boisterous, curly haired (almost) 4 year old. And in an 18 month old Munchie who has my heart almost as much as you. I've learned real life can be even better than your dreams!

I love you so much sweet husband. More than you know. You have me in your back pocket. I am yours to keep. For Eternity. In short:

And I'm just not the same without you!
Happy Valentine's Day, Lover.

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Aubs said...

Sooo cute....i love this, Erin! Your hubby is a lucky man and is sounds as if you are quite a lucky lady!! Hope ya'll have a fabulous Valentines Day!!!

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