Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hey MissyP,

(not sure why I started calling you that, but it was early on - and it's stuck!)

Today is your 4th Birthday! Together we've been counting down the days for about a week. You've been telling everyone you see - even strangers on the street - "My birthday is February 15th!" I asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday and you said "Play Wii bowling and see Minnie Mouse!" But it's supposed to rain today pretty we canned the trip to Disneyland and reserved a couple lanes at the local bowling alley instead. I'm hoping a Minnie Mouse cake will suffice.

You've grown so much this past year, my MollyB. You are truly your own little person. I have to constantly remind myself that you are only just now 4, because you do such a good job of keeping up with your big sister. Anything she can do, you try to do better! It's not always success, but you never give up trying. This healthy sibling competition has got you doing cartwheels, dressing yourself, writing your own name, cutting your own food, brushing your own teeth and hair, pumping by yourself on the swings, pouring your own juice, and riding your Razor fast, fast, fast!

I can't believe you are already this big. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for you to arrive. Daddy and I went shopping for a new car on Valentine's...because we knew we were going to need more room! And I was having contractions all over the dealership. But you didn't come that day. I think you wanted a birthday that would be all your own. (And that's what I wanted too!) So it was the next day, at my doctors appointment, that he said "I think this baby girl is ready! Tell her Daddy to meet you at the hospital. Today is the day."

Grammie came over to watch Megan, who kissed my belly before I left, and off I went to meet you. You gave us a little scare. Coming so fast and in distress. Dr. Deyan decided it was best to cut you out and not 21 minutes later you were in Daddy's arms. Seems you were quite a mover and shaker inside my belly and had wrapped the cord around your neck TWICE! I guess that should have told us from the start you were going to be something else.

You are so full of life, Molly! Always going a mile a minute. Talking, singing, laughing, skipping, bouncing - rarely able to sit still. Everything you do, you do with all your heart. And what a mighty big heart it is! You must tell me 20 times a day "Mom, I love you." But I never tire of hearing it. Whenever we say prayers or sing songs, you always remember to include every member in our family, even the dog! If Wyatt or Megan is sad or hurt you rush to give them a hug, or find their favorite blanket or doll. Such compassion for a little girl. It humbles me every time I witness it.

You love to be silly, play jokes, and make us all laugh. It hard to gauge in this rowdy, full house - but I think you are the loudest. You make certain you are heard! One of your favorite things to do is perform cheers for us after dinner. You run into the other room and call out "Mom, Dad...say Ladies and Gentlemen!" Which means we must then loudly introduce you: "Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls - Please put your hands together for Miss Molly Katherine Burns!" Out you run shouting "Lean to the left, Lean to the right!" You always finish with a "ta da" and a bow. We all clap. Megan has even taken to rating you on a scale of 1-100. She usually deems you somewhere in the range of a 66.

You also love singing songs (especially the ones from Chapel at school) and often put on performances for us. Playing with your dollies (Allison is your favorite,) and going to Gymnastics are also top on your list. You have the best appetite. You eat anything I put in front of you. And you especially love spicy stuff! You always ask for "Daddy's hot sauce" on your tacos and your eggs. Fits just right with your spicy personality, I say!

Molly Katherine, I love watching you grow. I think back to those days when you were a baby and they seem both near and far away. There is a part of me that wants you to always be 4. Always be the boisterous, curly haired, blue eyed, restless sleeping, firecracker that you are. But when I really stop to think about it, there is a bigger part of me that is excited to see you continue grow into that "Big Girl" you are always telling me you are. Continue to Live big and Learn big and Love big my MollyB. You'll never be sorry.

Happiest of Birthdays my dear daughter. I am so thankful for you. May your 4th year be the best yet!

In love with you,


Aubs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!!! I pray you have tons of fun bowling and eating your minnie mouse cake! And i pray that you have the best year a lil girl could!

Great post as always Erin! You have such a gift with words and i love to see your heart with each of these letters you write to the ones you love so much! Have fun with your gorgeous, spunky 4 year old today!

Sharon Scarpa said...

Happy Birthday Molly! It seems like just yesterday you were a little peanut at our Wedding in NJ...I think it's time you come back to visit!!! Love and Kisses!!!

~love said...

happiest birthday, molly!!! wishing you a year of fun and magic and blessings! =)

its funny how much molly sounds like our middle child and 4 year old! she, too, does so much because of the healthy competition of her older sis...she is definitely our loudest so she's sure she's heard...and is our only one (so far) who LOVES spicy things! =)

love your letter, erin! how lucky you all are to have each other. =)

Jennifer said...

Happy 4th Bday Molly! I hope your day was everything you had wished for and more.....

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