Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Midnight Plumber

What were you doing at 11:41PM last night?

My husband was investigating why our toilet wouldn't flush.

The "real" plumber finally made it to our house around 9:30PM and had been unable to solve the problem. He said we would have to crack the toilet open if we wanted to discover the "foreign object" that was stuck inside...and then go buy a new one.

Have I mentioned before that my husband can fix ANYTHING? Well, he can. Refusing to admit defeat - he took the entire toilet apart after the plumber left. At 11:41PM! When I say apart - I mean APART! Nuts, bolts, screws, pipes...the whole shebang. He was picking the thing up and shaking it - trying to dislodge whatever was stuck!

And he did.

This is what was keeping our toilet from working.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It's huge! How did it even get flushed down? I don't want to know. I DO know who put it in there in the first place. Without a doubt. One little mischievous Munchie - that's who! He puts everything in the toilet. We've lost a Wii controller, golf ball, matchbox car, and many a coin to the hungry toilet all via Wyatt's eager, little fists. The good thing is - he usually comes and tells me "Uh Oh! Pee Pee" and then takes my hand and drags me to the toilet.

I guess there is an exception to every rule, right?

So today I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies as a thank you for my hard working, tireless, Midnight Plumber.

And as they were cooling, I went to the garage to rotate the laundry.

While I was gone, the dog ate almost half of them right of the rack!

HA, HA! Where are the cameras? I'm being Punk'd, right?!


Aubs said...

You poor thing! I had one of those days yesterday....and wow....i've luckily never had a little one that put things in the toilet! What a blessing to have a hubby that can fix anything though!! I always find myself just cracking up on days when things just don't want to go right! Hope today your punk'd episode is over!!

Ramirez Family said...

Well, I guess that means today can only get better... right??

LauraC said...

I may have to send you our toilet lock! Locks the lid down so they can't put anything in it. I bought them for protection and we have never had anyone put anything in our toilet!

LauraC said...

I think Blogger ate my comment!

I'll have to send your our toilet lock! I installed it and then we never had a flusher.

Do you think as a boy, Wyatt is more mischievous than your girls? I feel like my boys are into everything and none of my girl-mom friends can relate!

~love said...

keep on laughing, girl...these are the days!! = )

Joanna said...

Blogger ate my comment, as well. :-(

This post made me laugh. Why do things like this happen to good people?

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