Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuckered Out!

Who knew a FOUR year old could party like it's 1999?! I'm beat. We've been celebrating all weekend. And after the cupcake pops, school party, Valentine's Day, birthday breakfast, Minnie Mouse cake, and Bowling Birthday extravaganza...I just didn't have it in me to get the pictures up and edited last night. Hopefully I'll have a Birthday wrap up post by the end of the day. Here's a couple of sneak peeks!

Thank You to all who wished Molly a happy day! I read her all your emails, FB messages, and comments. You made her feel very special. ((HUGS!))

CLICK HERE to find the Strawberry Jello Cake recipe I used on Haute Plates.


Jennifer said...

holy &$%#--that cake is AMAZING!! Seriously, Erin, you are unreal!! You need to have your own TV show on parenting, cooking etc! It would be a hit! Glad Molly had a happy day (weekend actually)!

Sarah said...

"On the day that Molly was born, on the day that Molly was born, the angels sang and they blew on their horns and they danced, they danced, they smiled and raised up their hands, on the day, on the that MOLLY WAS BORN!"

Happy belated birthday Molly!

Love, Grandpa John and Cousin Sarah!
Sorry we are sending this wish late!

Brooke said...

Did you make that cute dress? You are so crafty. The cake is adorable!!! Happy Birthday Molly!

Bren's Blog said...

Erin, that cake is unbelievable! When do you find the time to do all this stuff?

britty said...

happy birthday Molly. cute dress!

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