Monday, April 20, 2009


Wow! We've had an eventful weekend!! Matt and I went to Santa Barbara for a wedding. It was a quick trip - 29 hour turn around - but very fun. The ceremony and reception were beautiful, at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. We shared great times with good friends, and it was so fun to get away overnight with my boyfriend! We enjoyed being a little irresponsible, staying out late and having no one to think about but ourselves. (All the pics in this post are from my phone, since my camera battery charger still isn't here!)

(We clean up nicely every once in awhile!)

(Ceremony Site. Isn't it beautiful? So Ann & Trevor.)

(Is this the cutest appetizer you've ever seen?!)

(First Dance. Happy Happy Couple!)

We had a blast, but we missed our munchkins...and were so happy to get home to them. All 3 had spent the night with my parents. When we got home, someone had dropped off a little table and two folding chairs, along with a big metal dinosaur skeleton at our front door. I still don't know who it was! But the kids were very excited.

They immediately set up the table and chairs while Matt and I worked in the yard. Later in the afternoon Megan and Molly were playing with the dinosaur. Mind you - this thing is HEAVY and Megan dropped it on her foot! I was right there and could tell from the look on her face that she was hurt and scared. I looked down at her foot and there was blood everywhere, coming out so fast! By the time I got to her, it was already puddling up. I screamed for Matt and he came to both our rescue. We wrapped her foot in a towel and poured some hydrogen peroxide on it. We could tell it was a decent cut - going all the way through to the bottom of her foot!

She was so brave and only cried when we said it probably needed stitches. Matt loaded her into the car and took her to the ER. I was sad I couldn't go too, but I stayed home with Molly and Wyatt. It was hard to put my sad, hurt girl into the car and wave goodbye, but I knew she was in the best, strong, safest arms possible with her Daddy. And Daddy took care of me too - keeping me updated with calls and texts and pictures every few minutes.

It was a long process, with x-rays to make sure nothing was broken, a BIG shot and 4 stitches. But Megan was such a trooper, very patient and sweet. Even smiling while waiting for the Doctor. When I called her to check in, she even wanted to talk with her sister and brother to tell them she was okay! What a lover. All evening, Wyatt kept saying "dumb dinosaur" over and over. Too funny.

(Waiting for a room at the ER. Smiling for the camera with so much going on.)

(4 Stitches compliment the pink and blue toes quite nicely don't cha think?
Look at that bruise!)

(All bandaged up. No shoes for a few days.)

(Ready to go home. More smiles. I love this kid!
Her beauty takes me by surprise sometimes.)

We still don't know who delivered the stuff to our door. Whomever you are, Thank You! The table and chairs are a huge hit...(but the dinosaur is now in the trash!) Megan wanted some extra snuggles (and so did I) so we let her stay up when the other kids went to bed. She and I curled up on the couch and watched the Miss USA pageant. She finally passed out at 10PM.

She's staying home from school today. Kind of hard to play when you can't wear shoes and you have to hop everywhere! She's the most upset that she'll have to miss gymnastics this week. She's been a tough cookie, never complaining or saying that it hurts. Stitches come out in 10 days and then we'll be back to normal.


Bert Bell said...

I have been following your blog via themeektwins blog. It wasn't me that left the dinosaur all though it was cute. Praying for a speedy recovery for Ms. Molly. You have such a lovely family...thanks for letting me peek inside it and thanks for the dating your mate getting ready to try a couple of them on the old man!

LauraC said...

Poor Megan! What a whirlwind weekend! I didn't see your tweets until this morning, glad I didn't read about the ER in real time!

Bert Bell said...

oohh sorry...speedy recovery for Megan....both beautiful girls, just silly me bad at remembering names!

Joanna said...

Wow. Lots going on. I'm glad she didn't hurt herself while you and Matt were away from home.

Sharon Scarpa said...

Feel better soon Megan! I love her multi-colored toenails!!!

Avery's mom said...

OUCH! Poor Megan, but what a BRAVE little girl she is! Hope it heals quickly.

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