Friday, April 17, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 9

Date Your Mate Challenge

Matt and I say "I love you" many times a day. We also show our love on a regular basis. My heart had to smile yesterday when Megan and Molly were playing "house." Molly was dressed up in Wyatt's too big clothes pretending to be the Daddy and was headed off to work. As she went to the front door to leave, she stopped by Megan and said "Bye Honey. Have a good day. I love you so much!" and then they kissed. I guess we're doing some things right!

What I think we could do more of is explaining our love. When was the last time you looked your mate in the eye and told them WHY you loved them? You can never hear too many reasons as to why you are lovable, right? When Matt wrote my birthday letter and told me reasons why he loves me, I was so touched. Knowing he thinks I'm "the glue" helps me hold it together at times I think I might fall apart. And knowing he thinks I'm his "anchor" and his "sunshine" makes me look at a lifetime as too short a time to spend with this man.

Date Your Mate Challenge - Week 9 "Five for Five"

This week's challenge is to take five minutes to remind your mate of five things you love and appreciate about them. These things could be personality traits, physical traits, maybe actions or expressions. When you look at your lover, what makes your heart skip a beat? When you think of your spouse, what makes you smile? TELL THEM! This first time may be a spontaneous conversation, but I plan to try and make it a regular exercise. I know that reconnecting and sharing with each other like this will keep us close, keep us strong, and keep us in tune.

Matthew, today, the 5 things I love about you are:
  1. Your Pearly Whites
  2. How hard you work
  3. You truly try to always do the right thing
  4. Your Delts
  5. You send me sweet texts in the middle of the day
Can't wait to spend the weekend with you in Santa Barbara!

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