Friday, April 24, 2009

Possibly Perfect

I had the BEST time with just my Munchie last night. Matt took the girls to the NH Dance Team's recital, so that left Wyatt and me on our own for the evening. As I looked down at him at 5PM and then around at my messy house, I decided that a night in and more of the same ol, same ol was just not going to cut it. I needed to get out!

So we waved goodbye to our girls and Daddy and then went out on our own date night. We hit Fashion Island, Wyatt crusing in his blue car, hoping to find him some new shoes. (Both pairs we presently own bring cries of "Owie!" when I try and put them on his feet.) We didn't have any luck in the shoe department. But I didn't really care. Because we were having too much fun just hanging out. We had Wahoo's for dinner - all of his favorites - Black Beans, French Fries, Quesadillas, Chips and Coke. (Yes, my 1 year old drinks Coke...every once in awhile!) Then we went to Russo's and visited the bunnies, kitties, and the Cavalier puppy I'll never own.

By this time we were ready for dessert. I ventured over to Pinkberry, because I've heard the hype but have yet to try it. One look tho, and I u-turned for Haggen Dazs instead! That is so me - I'd rather just stick with what I know I like then go out on a limb. Especially in the dessert department! I think I need to work on this. Wyatt was quite happy with his own vanilla cone!

We took our ice cream and sat by the fountain and watched it work it's magic. I think I let Wyatt throw about $3 worth of coins into the water.

It was getting dark, which meant it was past bedtime, AND Wyatt still didn't have any shoes on, so I decided it was time to head home. To get to our car you had to pass the carousel however, so we had to take a quick ride. Wyatt's favorite thing in the whole world right now is a big Picture Dictonary that we read together multiple times a day. His favorite page is T for TIGER! He was so excited to find a Tiger on the carousel.

While spinning round and round I happened to notice that Babystyle was closing. As in going out of business closing. So I had to take a peek. Again no shoes, but we scored the CUTEST dinosaur stuffed animal at almost 80% off. Wyatt was in love with it, and I couldn't resist since we had our fair share of "Dumb Dinosaurs" this past week. We returned home to a dark, quiet house where we rocked and sang showtunes till he was fast asleep in my arms...gripping fast to his dinosaur.
Did you ever fantasize about the "perfect date" when you were a teenager? I did. But, never in a million years did I imagine it included an 18 month old, one word conversations, a tiger and a dinosaur. But last night was, quite possibly, PERFECT in my book!


LauraC said...

LOVE IT! So glad you had a great night. I love date night with my boys too! N&A have tried coke lots of times but they both gag like we are trying to kill them.

Aubs said...

So sweet and special!! I love it!

~love said...

you and tonya are really working on me with this boy thing! =)

it does sound perfect! i yes, i re-read the "coke" line! not because i judge you at all....i'm stuggling with allowing freedoms like this in moderation. i think we have a lot of fun & they do get a lot of things in moderation, but i never want to regret not just letting loose a little more. (none of our kids have had pop!)

Bert Bell said...

Now that sounds like a perfect evening. Too bad Bubby my stepson is 15....he doesn't do carousels....ah well....enjoy them while you can....they grow SO fast. Love the stuffed dinosaur, so cute and a bargain too!

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