Monday, July 27, 2009

JoBro Love

Some major smiles came in the mail on Friday for my two girls. In the form of Jonas Brothers Backpacks! My girlfriend Jennifer, who I met thru this blog, had seen my post of the kids dancing on my bed to PARANOID and knew the girls were smitten.

(Maybe she knows too, of a certain Grown Up Girl in this house that has a weird obsession with the youngest JB & his Hannah Montana girlfriend. Jennifer assured Grown Up Girl that celebrity relationship obsessions were totally normal admitting she still has a poster of Nick & Jess hanging in her closet!) Jennifer is now Grown Up Girl's soul sista for life!

I knew this box was coming...but kept it a surprise, knowing my kids excitement when things come in the mail for them is classic. As the girls pulled the top off the box and saw what was inside, their squeals were over the top! Both girls started jumping around the house and cheering. They immediately donned the backpacks and pranced around.

Matt was home for all of this and was kinda standing back, watching the celebration, not sure what to make of his baby girls' obvious happiness over three teenage boys. Molly (mind you, she's 4) ran over to him and said "Look Daddy! It's Kevin, Joe and Nick!" Matt looked at me with wide eyes as if to say "She knows them by name!?" I just laughed. Poor Daddy. Just you wait!

Thank You Jennifer! You are such a sweet, thoughtful friend. I love how we came to know each other and how we both think of each other so often. Makes me know Candace is still being the wonderful friend she always was. And thank you for thinking of Munchie too! His Elmo bubbles were a hit. XOXO


Avery's Mom said...

Ok Erin, I can barely see to type this because my eyes are filled with giant tears. Thank you so much for your beautiful post today. I am SO glad the girls love their bags and Munchie enjoyed his bubbles. I love how you describe the whole's like I was there and I can almost hear their little squeals. :o)
I thought of you again this morning when I was tired of looking at my picture on my facebook homepage & changed it to a picture of Nick Lachey.....but then I was worried that I may have crossed the line to being the crazy stalker type, rather than just a huge, HUGE fan. I thought to myself....what would Erin say if she saw Nick's face on my fb page . . . .??? :o)
Even though we have yet to meet face to face, I consider you a very dear friend. Candace was and still is an amazing person & soul.
Hugs to you!!

Joanna said...

I miss Grown Up Girl.

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