Friday, July 24, 2009

My Mini Me

If you see a chic who looks like that on the streets of Costa Mesa huffing and puffing, yes, that would be me. Nike+ just revamped their website (it was awesome's now off the charts!) One of the new features is the "Mini." You can create a little animated version of yourself (like the Wii Mii.) Every time you sync your runs, what she says, how she acts, and eventually, even how she LOOKS changes! I made mine last night after my run (instead of editing reception pics, Whoops!) Isn't she cute?

I know I've spouted off before how much I love these shoes...but really people. This whole Nike+ thing is genius. So much so, that when Laura asked me to join her for a half marathon in November, the thought "I think I could do it" ran through my head! And I've already committed to a 10K in October. This week I've been thinking "I'll be ready before October." Crazy.

Top Five Reasons Nike+ Rocks my World

1. Fantastic website: Stores every single piece of data (time, distance, calories burned, pace, playlist listened to, the weather, how you felt on your run, your terrain, etc.) from every single one of your workouts. You can set goals, start a training program, join group challenges. I love the graphs! They are a great way to visualize your progress over time. To top it all off, the website is pretty and clean, easy to look at. My "color" is presently orange. 75 more miles til I get to be green.

2. Great motivator: There's something about having Nike Plus that simply makes you want to run. Adding and tracking your mileage is so satisfying, so easy, and so ADDICTING!

3. Easy to use: Once you have the necessary equipment (Nike+ shoes, iPod and sensor kit), using Nike Plus becomes second nature to your workout. The sensor stays in your running shoe, the other sensor plugs into your iPod nano (unless you use you iPhone/iPod touch, which I believe has the sensor built in) and storing your data is as easy as connecting your iPod to your computer--something most of us probably do every day.

4. Audio feedback: The voice in your ear (I've nicknamed him "The man that lives in my Magic Shoes") as you pound out the miles keeps you from quitting before your goal. At any time during your run, you can hit the center button on the iPod and he'll tell you your elapsed time, distance and pace. During the run he also tells you updates at .5 mi/km and whole mi/km as well as the halfway point of your workout. These tidbits make the run much more enjoyable. (And He can be a She if you'd prefer.)

5. Syncs with Twitter: That's awesome. At least to dorky Tweeps like me!


~love said...

you're really tempting me here, girl!

{you should be getting paid for this!} =)

Polka Dot Moon said...

You're an inspiration!! That marathon will be a piece of cake!! I can't run to the mailbox......

LOVE your Mini :)

LauraC said...

I think Nike owes you some kind of commission bc I finally bought my Nike+ yesterday. I had been thinking about it for SO LONG but it was going to require buying another ipod to get it, and finally I decided it was worth it if it motivated me to work out.

So chicka, after I get back from San Fran (leaving Wednesday) we may been having a virtual online road race. ha ha!

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