Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Reveal

Katherine and Paul chose to see each other before the ceremony. There were so many pictures to be taken, inside and outside of the church, and they didn't want to spend the hour after their nuptials posing away while everyone else was enjoying the awesome drinks, apps and Mariachi band at the reception!

At first I thought, "Whaaa. Big you miss some of the cocktail hour...just wait. Seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle is priceless! You can't give that up!" But when I experienced the way they did it, I changed my mind.

One block from St. Mike's, where K&P got married, is a rental called The Biddle House. My parents and brothers rented the top floor, while Paul's parents rented the bottom. Matt and I rented the house right next door. My parent's flat is where we all got ready that morning.

About 1 o'clock, when Katherine was finally 100% Beautiful Bride ready, Paul and his family were down the street taking pictures in front of the church. Someone called Paul on his cell phone and told him to head back down the street toward the house. Megan and Molly peeked out the top floor window and squealed for Kate to begin her decent down the stairs. My brothers kept watch on the street as the Groom drew near. Katherine inched closer and closer to the sidewalk in front of our house, all along the girls holding her train and me snapping pictures from behind. When Paul was almost to the gate, Kate stepped out.

Their grins grew. Their eyes sparkled. Paul said something like "Well, how're you doing?!" and Katherine giggled. There was kissing, eye gazing, cheering, more kissing. There was Kate making sure Paul didn't think her make up was too much (she was very worried about not looking like herself for him) and Paul reassuring her she looked perfect. More grins. More kisses. Such a sweet moment to behold.

On my wedding day, I remember looking at Matt for a split second as I began down the aisle. Then not again until I was almost to him. My Groom, the huge church, all the guests, the music, my Daddy on my arm...was overwhelming. All of it too hard to take in, process and really enjoy in the moment. One of my favorite parts of our wedding video is watching Matt's face as I walk down the aisle...because I didn't see that the day of.

What I loved about "The Reveal" as we took to calling K&P's first sight of each other that day, was that it was all theirs. They really got to enjoy it, enjoy each other, and be in that moment together without (too many) distractions.

After The Reveal, we all walked down to the church for outdoor pictures. The Burns Family went first, so that Daddy could take Wyatt back home and give him a power nap before the ceremony. The slideshow below are all the pics from my camera through to the end of the ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many inside the church. I was standing up front most of the time. Which left Matt, the lone adult in the second pew, to juggle my camera, my Flip, two amped up Flower Girls, and a very groggy Munchie who was none too happy about being shaken (literally) awake from his nap only to be dressed in heavily starched dress clothes! And yes - that's Molly asleep on the hard wooden pew, snuggling her pomander, smack dab in the middle of the ceremony! Lucky for her, it was a full Mass. Just long enough for her to recharge her party battery.

Reception pics coming to a blog near you sometime Thursday (I hope!) Still editing believe it or not. Taking care of kids and trying to run this house is SO cramping my BLOG these days!

Some fun thoughts to ponder while you wait...I {heart} Polkadot Moon and the earrings she made for me to wear that day! The River East Art Center was awesome, so Kate & Paul. The food & drink by Blue Plate was the best I have had at a reception ever (except maybe mine...gorgonzola filet & lobster catered by my restaurant (and hot dog cart with all the fixin's on the lawn) is kinda hard to top!) I {heart} my buttercup peep toe pumps, too...but still changed into yellow JCrew flip flops half way thru dinner! There were 4 flavors of wedding cake. You pick. And just in case you're indecisive like me, you could ask your waiter for a smidge of each and he'd happily oblidge. Strike a Pose, there's nothing to it. Can you say Shutterbooth? Sniff, Guess who cried during their toast and left out 2 whole of which was her fave? Megan was a Dancing Queen, rocking it til the break of dawn. Mateo also rocked, by bowing out gracefully when it was obvious our 2 littlest weren't gonna make it til the end. It's a shame my parents didn't have more girls. Because they host ROCKIN' weddings!

It's 3:08AM peeps...I'm out!


LauraC said...

Lovely writeup! My BFF Irene and her husband had a jewish ceremony and they spent time alone before the big ceremony and before the ketubah signing. I thought the same thing - how fantastic! But I'm still glad I did it the old-fashioned way. My eyes did not leave Jon's eyes during my entire walk down the aisle!

What I did love about the jewish ceremony was after the ceremony they go into seclusion for some time, just the two of them. No photographers, no guests. I wish we could have done that!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I almost feel as if I was there! What a beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes! I LOVE that the two of them saw each other first, a moment that was just theirs!

You and your family are quite photogenic! Love all the pictures you've shared :)

and so happy you liked your Rose goodies!!

Thanks for sharing with all of us :)

Sharon Scarpa said...

Love the updates! Looks like a wonderful day! Don't worry about skipping paragraph's...I did the same thing in my toast at my best friend's wedding....grrrrr

PamperingBeki said...

It all looks so beautiful!

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