Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why Blogging Rocks

Blogging has brought so many amazing women into my life. I am daily inspired and lifted by these "strangers" and it amazes me to think, without this blog...I would never "know" them. We laugh, pray, comfort, chit chat, support, commiserate, help, teach, learn and love each other everyday. It is such a blessing in my life and something I truly look forward to. I can't wait to meet more of you face to face!

Prime Example: Last week I "tweeted" my blogging (and Twitter) friend Laura (whom I've never met, but couldn't be happier if she moved next door.) I was in a panic, realizing my procrastinating self had better start thinking about packing for ALL 5 of us before next Tuesday night! Laura is an organizing, list making, multi trip-with-twins taking Genius (and former Chi-town native) so I knew if there was anyone out there that could help save my sanity, it was her.

Bless her soul! Laura immediately fired off an email full of trip saving tips, Chicago secrets and then offered to send me a Tadpole.
She just happened to have an extra one and dropped it in the mail on her lunch break today! I LOVE you kids are going to be so excited and my husband is going to be so happy his iPod is protected while Hannah Montana and the Backyardigans are viewed 1500 times.

If you don't have a blog...get one. Then put This Superfly Lady on your blogroll ASAP. She's hilarious, down to earth, honest, funny, awesome, sweet...and one of my best friends I've never met...YET!


LauraC said...

You are too kind! I've met enough of my blogfriends in real life now to know that I appear to be drawn to people who I would like IRL.

Plus are we really strangers since you're real life friends with my real life friend?! ha ha!

And one very neurotic thing about me is that I can not stand waste or clutter. So if something in my house that is unused can go to a good home, I send it off. Good bye cribs, rocking chair, baby clothes!

(And thanks bc now I will have Superfly in my head all night. Woo hoo)

Get Real Girl said...

I have never seen a Tadpole before. What an amazing little creation. I have got to check this out. Maybe my Ipod will last a little longer if I keep it safe in my 3 year olds hands.

Jennifer said...

I am a friend of Britain's and found your blog through hers. Your posts are so cute and so true! I just started a blog a couple of weeks ago for exactly the reasons you wrote about.

Bert Bell said...

I found your blog & Laura C's via themeektwins blog. I have had fun sharing your lives via the net and sort of started my own isn't about my family but my journey with God....although I haven't posted in quite some time...been busy. But you are right, you get to meet some interesting individuals this way as well as get out some of what is trapped inside of you. Thanks for the peeks into your family, God's most Abundant Blessings be upon you all.

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