Friday, July 10, 2009

My Own Personal Brand of Heroin

I've gotten a few snarky comments from Mateo about all the RPatz on our "Family Blog." I've tried to explain to him that it's not really Robert I'm crushing on...but more a character in a book. He needn't be threatened. That didn't much help however, considering the character is an ice cold, blood sucking vampire! Mateo just doesn't get it. being Our 10th Anniversary, I thought I'd do a post on:

The Top 10 Reasons my Husband is Hotter than RPatz

#10 - His smile is off the hook. I am addicted to it. It was the first thing about him that gave me butterflies.
#9 - He looks HOT in a uniform. It may sound weird, but watching him flat back somebody on the field was the second thing that gave me butterflies.

#8 - He looks even HOTTER in a suit.

#7 - He can cut a rug like nobody's business and he makes me a better dancer (which makes me want to jump his bones!)

#6 - He taught me what it means to be IN LOVE when we were just babies....19 year old babies. In 14 years, I've never once questioned his feelings for me.

#5 - He looked like this as a kid!

#4 - He's an amazing Father. Better than I could have ever dreamed of or hoped for...and it comes easy for him.

#3 - He loves me even when I'm being pissy...

or silly

(and as all these pictures show - even through the many adventures of my hair - straight, curly, long, short, blond, brown, or red...God Bless Him!)

#2 - He is, hands down, my Best Friend!The one I run to. The one who saves me. The one I can't be without.

And Finally, The #1 Reason My Husband is Hotter Than RPatz...


Dear Matthew,

"It's like my Birthday...every time you look at me. It's the best thing." You truly are my own personal brand of Heroin. You know I cannot go without you. I turn into a grumpy, whiny, sad girl when we are apart too long. How did we ever survive New York? Ridiculous amounts of money spent on phone bills and plane flights! I am so glad we did...because now look at us!

A decade. A DECADE! You are my sweet, amazing, mind blowing, God given, bestest friend in the whole wide world and I would still say "I Do!" Without a doubt, I would still pick you! After this long I expected that we would be settled down. I expected our relationship would be solid, but not nearly as exciting as when we first married. Boy was I wrong. Every morning when I wake and see you lying next to me, my heart skips a beat. Yes - there is usually a Munchie (or two or three!) between us, but that makes it all the more sweet. My favorite time is when you walk thru the door at the end of the day. The kids cheer your name and swarm you with hugs. You find me and we kiss. No matter what the day has held, in that moment, everything is right, good, bliss, love, exactly as it should be.

I couldn't feel more loved and cherished then the way you make me feel.

I love you more than 1 year ago. I love you more than 2 years ago. I love you more today than a 10 years ago! (Heck...I love you more today than yesterday.) What we have will only grow stronger with time. I can't wait to feel our love in another 10 years. Forever, you have my heart. Thank you for loving me.



Cara said...

I love love love this! I just read #6 to Jerry and told him that FINALLY someone articulated that safe feeling. Congratulations you two!

Brooke said...

Your words are always so beautiful and perfect. I love this!!! Happy TEN years of marriage. You guys rock and I love the love you share.
Love, Brooke

LauraC said...

Happy anniversary to a happy couple! Love the tribute!

Jennifer said...

Love your post!! Happy Anniversary to the MOST adorable couple!

PamperingBeki said...

That is so sweet.

Happy Anniversary to you two!

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a wonderful post! True love at it's finest :)

Congratulations on your 10 Years of Happily Ever After!

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Congrats to you.

Libby said...

Happy Anniversary... and have a great trip to Chicago!!! I have to say that the ipod thing is probably genius. We had Albert's when we flew to CA, but he had to leave earlier than we did and he had to take his phone... so all we had were headphones coming back. That worked for all of 5 minutes. By the end of the flight, Josh was sitting on the lady's lap across the isle from me, watching DORA with HER kids!!

Elle's Mom said...

This is just the sweetest post! Congrats!

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