Friday, August 07, 2009

A Winner, A Confession, & A Teaser

The Winner
Of my Twilight Apple Pincushion Giveaway is LIBBY! Munchie drew your name out of the hat last night - and I got it all on video to prove it's legit - I've just yet to upload it. Instead I'll give you some more of that Edward Porn your co-workers have caught you oogling here before. But be careful! Robert....Albert...Don't slip! =)

The Confession

As you may or may not have been able to tell from yesterday's post...We are going to the Jonas Brothers Concert tonight! I got a message on Wednesday from a reader saying she had bought 4 tickets to tonight's concert at the Staples Center thinking her niece was coming to town. But then her neice's trip had been cancelled. She thought about selling the tix on eBay, but didn't want some broker or scalper making money off of them. She remembered my posts about the girls and hoped we might like them...AS A GIFT! My confession is, that within the first 3 sentences of her email, I was giggling and squealing with delight!

Of course, I can say my excitement stems from knowing my girls were going to be over the moon. And a free concert at the Staples Center!?...I don't really care who's playing, it would be fun! But in all honesty, I must admit, I've grown fond of these boys and their jams. 2 months ago I couldn't tell you their names. I bought their recent CD only because I wanted the single "Before The Storm" featuring Miley Cyrus (written by Nick Jonas about his realtionship/break-up with her) Well guess what? You can't buy just the single. The duet is only available on iTunes when you purchase the whole dang album. (Smart little F-ers, those JBs!) Once I listened to the rest of the songs however, their teeny-bop, repetitive, catchy refrains easily got stuck in my head. A few have even made my running playlist. Now I can tell you whose nickname is "The President" (Nick) who recently went thru a break up (Joe) and who just got engaged (Kevin). Now I follow them on Twitter. I may even buy a t-shirt at the concert. If THIS happens tonight...I just might pee my pants. So there. Crucify me...I can take it.

Being a happily married, 30-something, MOTHER, I must clarify and say my attraction is NOT physical! I think the JoBros are cute in a little brother sort of way. I will say, if you watch Nick in the first 30 seconds of their Paranoid video...I can see why girls everywhere are crushing. I would have serious issues being Momma Jonas. Wyatt, it's totally fine with me if you never grow up to be famous. I like being your biggest (and only) fan!

The Teaser

I was so blown away by the sweet, thoughtful, Random Act of Kindness the gift of these tickets was to us. Not only could this woman have made her money back by selling them, she could have chosen to gift them to someone she knows, sees & talks to on a regular basis. To think of us was SO kind. So I've been contemplating the best way to "Pay Forward" this exciting surprise. I think I've come up with a pretty good idea. Come back Monday for PPP pics and my Pay It Forward reveal!

Happy Weekend everyone. Daddy took the kids to swimming lessons. Me & the JB's are going for a run.


Bert Bell said...

What a cool blessing from God! Praying the Lord just overwhelm the dear lady with more blessings then she can count! Enjoy the concert and thanks for posting the video. Never listened to the Jonas Brothers before...I know shocker!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh how fun for all of you! What a generous gift!

And thank you for my gift......the pictures of RP are oh so delicious ;)


(for some reason I can't tweet! I listed the kiddie Halloween swap!)

~love said...

oh, funny! we don't know JB songs around here, but they know who they are. still, that would be ridiculously fun. enjoy!

Libby said...

Oh, I'm so excited! Cool! Thanks to Munchie!!

Don't have time to read about the concert tonight, but I'm so glad that you girls got to go (under such great circumstances too), and I'm excited to read about your pay it forward plan on Monday!

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