Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Bigs

Guess who got the call up? To the Big Leagues that is...

My cousin, Chris!

#33 was added to the Angels active 40-Man roster today.

You know, the roster that includes names like Abreu, Hunter, Napoli, Kendrick, Figgins, GUERRERO!

Sometimes life has a way of letting you know everything is working, unfolding, and occurring exactly as it should be. That someone BIGGER is in control. After I learned of Chris' good news this morning, not 30 minutes later an email appeared in my inbox titled "Super Late Notice!" The Mom of one of Matt's players was apologizing for asking so last minute, but wondered if we wanted their fourth row from the field season tickets for tonight's game!

I squealed
out loud when I read it! So loud that Molly came running from the next room saying "What Mom?! What is it?! What happened?!"
My sweet parents agreed to stay with the kids so we could go. And my sweet Kindergartner agreed to postpone her "Back To School Eve" dinner until tomorrow. (But only if I made her her own batch of chocolate chip cookies!) I considered it a fair compromise.

So quite by chance, but oh so meant to be, Matt and I had a date night tonight! One that included seeing #33 in the dugout and PETTIT in big red letters across the back of his jersey.

So fun! Fun enough to celebrate with beer, nachos, and hotdogs. Fun enough for me to scrap my run. That's freaking fun, peoples!

Chris is the one on the far right in these next two
The Mariners tied it up in the top of the 9th, but the Angels ended up winning in 10. And by this time, Chris had put on his jacket...so he's one of the ones in red.

Congrats Chris. I can only imagine how exciting today must have been for you and your family. I think you've been living, eating, breathing, and LOVING baseball since you were 2. Maybe younger. You've worked hard for this day and so deserve it! I'm thinking if any MLB team is favored in Heaven, it's gotta be the Angels! And I'm sure at least the home games live stream up there. You know your Grandpa was having a PARTY tonight....celebrating bigger than all the rest of us combined!

Not like we ever need one, but thanks for giving us the best excuse ever to go to games. Tonight was really fun! I can't wait to do it again.


Stephanie said...

How cool! That's so great about your cousin and how awesome that you were able to see him at that game! I bet you had an incredible time!

Jax's Mama said...

happy story..made me smile, thanks for sharing.

Haus of Girls said...

YAY Chris!! How awesome!!! Congrats Chris and you too Erin for having an awesome stud cousin :) I love me some baseball players! I married one. Not a professional, but close enough. Enjoy watching Chris play!

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