Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Too Far

I go through most days thinking about my sister a handful of times. We talk about once a week and text and email all the time. So while I do "miss"'s not very often that she feels so far away.

But then there are the days I log onto FB and see her lovely face in a cute pic (like the one below). On those days she feels EONS away and I want to jump on a plane YESTERDAY so I can squeeze her.

I love you Mrs. Suberlak!
You and Paul are the cutest thing ever!
Seriously, SERIOUSLY counting the days till Halloween.
Consider yourself squeezed.


Haus of Girls said...

CUTE! Nothing BETTER than a sister! I have 3 and feel so blessed. I have very few good girlfriends so I think God knew to send me 3 best friends for life! Your sis is TOO cute by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Squeezing you back, and crying at my desk. I think home sickness is a chronic disease.

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