Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come Shop!

Lots of new stuff listed at Haute Tots including the shirts I made for the girls and I to wear in the our family photo shoot! Many of you asked where you could buy them....well, now you know!

Fall and Christmas themed similar tops are in the works. As are Rough and Rowdy Flannel PJ's for boys (I have nothing in my shop for little boys...and that was buggin')

I'm ready for some new projects. I'm thinking plush baby toys, clutch purses, more clothes for Haute Mommas... What would you like to see for sale?

Come Shop! 10% of Haute Tots total sales this month goes to Carter's Crusaders so you don't have to feel guilty.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Gorgeous! LOVE it!!!

britty said...

you are a rockstar!

Amy Croley said...

I really like the top tops! Must put them on my Christmas wishlist. Can't wait to see the Christmas themed tops.

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