Thursday, September 03, 2009

Heat Wave

It's been smokin' here this week! Feels like the hottest it's been all Summer. And muggy. YUCK. Sad thing is...I'm talking Costa Mesa muggy. Which is really nothing. And I still hate it! When sweat drips down your back at 8:13am and all you're doing is washing breakfast know it's gonna be a HOT day!

Since there was no beating the heat...we decided to join it. How much fun can $2 get you? Serious Amounts! I bought 2 cans of shaving cream at the 99 cent store, set up the kiddie pool and slip n slide...and let the kids have at it. I've never heard so many giggles!

Grammie took the girls new clothes shopping.
Football Kickoff rally was last night.
School starts next week.
Summer is rapidly coming to an end.

Too bad Mother Nature has no idea!


LACY said...

How fun!

Sharon Scarpa said...

Come visit us in August sometime and we'll show you humidity! :)

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